Artist Statement -

I love to create things. I got into being an artist because it allowed me to let my imagination flourish with out judgment. I like the encouragement and the satisfaction that I did something with my own hands. I received my Bachelors of Arts in Art in 1992.

My themes of my works go everywhere. Everything inspires me. For example just recently a hand dryer blowing on my skin gave me an idea. I run with the ideas or I just let them die.

The pencil/pen has always been my tools of choice because they were easy to sneak to paying jobs with the sketch book to do during downtime and breaks. The paint brush is just an extension on the pencil/ink.

Since 1999, I upload design pieces onto various art production retail sites. (i.e.,,, www.,,, etc.)

Since October 2010, I created caricatures at local events and of private citizens. I have not stopped creating.

Artist Exhibitions

Graduate show, Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, MS 1992
Show, West Memphis Main Street, West Memphis, AR 1994
Honorable mention, WKNO Arts and Antique auction, 1997
Regional Art show, Mid-South Community College, 2000-2007
Delta Artist Society members show, 2000-2010
Various showings in West Memphis and Marion AR 2000-2011
Donations to WKNO Arts and Antique Auction, 2008,2009,& 2011...

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Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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