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My art specifically includes stages projects in Lithuanian theatres, mural paintings together with 22 solos and 37 shared exhibitions.
The majority of my current artworks are traditional, oil on canvas. However, my favourite technique is collages, I use mirrors, wood, textile, sawdust, photos. Different texture and different levels of surface create another level of expression. The pictures physical body juxtapose and suffuse it veritably forming jazz of visual performance.
In many aspects my style is conceptual, the idea behind the artworks is very important to me. Also, some of paintings have elements of surrealism and pointillism. Anyway my style is unique In order to achieve particular expression, last few years, I am simplifying forms and like sharp contrasts with too many nuances. Too many artist around me are painting abstractions, I got bored and start paint in this manner.
From 2013 until 2017 I was only painting and not participating in any art exhibitions or projects. Only in October 2017 for the first time in the UK exhibited my artworks in Milton Keynes art week. Also, created my profile in Saatchi Art Gallery.

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