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I recreate everyday urban life into striking scenes, using vibrant colours and stirring movements. Walking everwhere with my eyes open to possible settings, I look to find stories to embellish. Having a strong passion for music and a way it interacts with the mood of the painting, I often create soundtracks to the pieces I'm working on, which also encourages spontaneity.

I used to concern myself with making everthing perfect, yet emotions and moods are made of something much more raw. I started to use pallette knives and frayed brushes to lure me in a more expressionist mode. I love it when I'm painting a figure from careful observation and it turns into someone I know and thinking of their characteristics alters the picture.

Since moving to the country, I created a body of work immersed in nature greens to seek calm and solitude which I'd been craving for years. Now visiting towns and cities fills me with a renewed curiosity, seeing with the fresh eyes of a tourist. When I find the perfect place, I sketch and take a series of photographs in succession of my 180 degree view, with people moving in and out of sight. Once all the photos are compiled, I reconstruct the elements of the scene, creating an alternate reality in a slightly distorted panoramic look.

My current practice is of blending ghostly images with the ever changing landscape of a busy city street to summon lost moods and past emotions occurring across time.

Artist Exhibitions

2013 -

'CiTiES: All Dimensions' Exhibiton

Group exhibition displaying the following paintings; 'Rush Hour at Twilight' & 'Meet me at the Fountain'

The show will run from 14-24 February and open to the public Thursday to Saturday 12pm–7pm.

Saturday 23rd Performance night 6-9pm. Music provided by Young Zen

Location: Tokarska Gallery, 163 Forest Road, London, E17 6HE

2012 -

'Best of The Bath Prize' Exhibition (34 Stall St, Bath)

Group Exhibition of previous winners of the Bath Prize.

Displaying the following paintings; 'Bath Life', 'Don't worry, be happy', 'Noon Glow', 'Pittville Bridge', 'Looking Up, 'Promenading' and 'Fight to the Finish'

'Faces & Places of Guiting Power' Exhibition (Guiting Power Baptist Chapel)

Paintings of the characters and surroundings of Guiting Power, held with fellow artist Ni Smith

Displaying the following paintings; 'Neighbourhood Watch', 'Silent Ripples', 'Fairy Woods', 'Red Coat', 'Windrush View', 'The Farmers Arms' 'I saw a deer here', 'Where's Papa?' and 'Grounded'

Little Buckland Gallery (Broadway)

Group exhibition with the theme 'In the Garden', featuring 'Noon Glow'

Little Bird Gallery (Cheltenham)

Impressionist scenes of Cheltenham

Displaying the following paintings; 'Pittville Bridge', 'Red Coat', 'Looking Up, 'Promenading' and 'Fast and the Furious'

The Old Post Office (Guiting Power)

Impressionist scenes of Guiting Power and surrounding areas

Displaying the following paintings; 'Kineton Ripples', 'Old Petrol Pump' and 'Rest'

The Muffin Man (Cheltenham)

Impressionist scene of Cheltenham

Displaying the following painting; 'Nice weather for Ducks'

Jack in a Box (Bath road, Cheltenham)

Impressionist scenes of Cheltenham and London

Displaying the following paintings; 'Everything's Forgotten', 'You Blow me Away', 'Different Light', 'Notting Hill', 'Apple Juice' and 'Azaleas'

Jack in a Box (St. George's road, Cheltenham)

Impressionist scenes of Cheltenham and Bath

Displaying the following paintings; 'Fight to the Finish', 'One day like this', 'Brothers', 'Imperial Gardens', 'Xmas Market' and 'Bath Life'

2011 -

Octagon Gallery (Milsom Place, Bath)

The Bath Prize - 21-27th October
Auction at the Guildhall - Friday 28th October

Displaying the following painting; 'Milsom Place'

Astley House Fine Art Gallery (Moreton-in-Marsh)

Impressionist scenes of Cheltenham, Guiting Power and surrounding areas

Displaying the following paintings; 'Nice weather for ducks', 'Xmas market', 'Apple juice', 'Kineton ripples' and 'Hawling hollyhocks'

2010 -

Stanway Tithe Barn (Group Exhib)
Artsite, Swindon (Group Exhib)
Moka Café, Cheltenham (Group Exhib)
Jack in a Box, St. Georges Road (Solo Exhib)
Jack in a Box, Bath Road (Solo Exhib)
2009 -

Octagon Gallery, Bath (Group Exhib)
Post Modern, Swindon (Residency)
Queens Square, Bath (Group Exhib)
Jack in a Box, Bath Road (Solo Exhib)
Artsite, Swindon (Group Exhib)
Jack in a Box, St. Georges Road (Solo Exhib)

2008 -

Headspace, Liverpool (Group Exhib)
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham (Solo Exhib)

2007 -

‘Touch’ - Headspace, Liverpool (Group Exhib)
‘Cheltenham Scenes’ - Town Hall, Cheltenham (Solo Exhib)

2006 -

‘Gene Culture’ - Hope Gallery, London (Group Exhib)

2005 -

‘Solitary Contentment’ - The Swan, Cheltenham (Solo Exhib)

2003 -

‘Capital of the Cotswolds’ - Corinium Museum, Cirencester (Commission)

2000 -

‘If Cats drunk Coffee..’ - Café Rocco, Cirencester (Commission)...

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