Artist Statement -

From western modern art, Cubism and Surrealism are two fundamental conceptual influences on me. However, the overall construction of my work is still rooted in traditional Chinese painting, both in terms of composition and technique. I try to focus on the lyric element in an image, a symbolist approach: to suggest, not to define.

Since I was a child, the unconsciousness and subconsciousness have always intrigued me. It seems to me they compose expression in art, as logic guides explanation in science. I have spent considerable time on psychology, anthropology and religious studies. I borrow thematic elements from various ethnic cultures and religions to support my creativity. I am looking for humanness, as a whole, rather than individual specifics, to depict and express in my work.

Sometimes I get lost in my own search for expression and can only probe my way through the process without knowing what and why. The only saving grace for me is that I am an artist, not a scientist: I am here to describe, not to explain.

I hope my paintings work as a well of dreams that can communicate and inspire others to their own interpretation and expression.

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