Artist Statement -

I am an experienced artist whose work uses the power of imagination to find find the essence of the subject.  It is grounded in the need to celebrate life, and to portray the subject through the transforming power of colour and light. Arrangements of shape, line, pattern and colour are brilliant at conjuring  up powerful expressions, sometimes these can be dreamlike and at peace sometimes exciting and dramatic.

My work does not always represent an actual moment, place or object in time, but they are  the result of a process of reflection, recollection and reinvention, a distillation of experience.

Art is a very small word having the widest possible meaning appreciation is a subjective judgement and no artist or work can please everyone.  My aim is to please at least some of you and I am very confident that this aspiration is achievable

Artist Exhibitions

2017 Society of Equestrian Artists Summer Show Palace House Newmarket in July
2017 Suffolk County Show in May
2017 Reading Art Fair in April
2016 Windsor Art Fair
2016 Cambridge Art Show
2016 Chester Art Fair
2016 Reading Art Fair November
2016 Burghley Horse Trials 1September
2016 Royal International Horse Show
2016 Guards Polo July
2016 Jaeger-Lecoultre Polo July

2015 No exhibitions
2014 Suffolk County Show May
2014 December � Spectrum, Miami

2014 16 -19 October � Los Angeles International Show

2014 September � Spectrum, New York

2014 September � 2nd Annual International Art Fair � Rochester, New York

2014 August - 2nd Annual International Art Fair � Saratoga Springs, New York

2014 1st International Art Fair, Buffalo, New York July

2014 Select Fine Art NYC 8 - 11 May

2014 ArtExpo NYC 4 April 2014

2013 Spectrum Miami 4-8 December

2013 Suffolk Open Studio Showcase 18th to 27th May

2012 Red Dot Miami in December

2012 Affordable in September

2012 Suffolk Open Studios Showcase 26th May to 5th June

2012 Red Dot New York in May

2012 Open Studios 910 and 2324 June

2012 Toronto Affordable in April

2012 Artexpo New York in March

2011 Red Dot Miami 30th November to 4th December.

2011 Lake Placid Art Show 7th to 10th October.

2011 1st October to 31st December, American Airlines Admirals
Lounge, La Guardia Airport, NYC.

2011 3rd - 7th March Red Dot Art Fair NYC, USA

2010 The Upstairs Gallery, Yarmouth
Suffolk Open Studios Showcase Exhibition
Gallery Carr� Dor�, Monte Carlo, Monaco

2009 Suffolk Open Studios Showcase Exhibition
Horse in Art, Obsidian Gallery, Buckinghamshire
Kesgrave Arts
Suffolk Open Studios winter exhibition at the Upstairs gallery
Suffolk Open Studios Showcase Exhibition
Anglia Art Exhibition
Suffolk Open studios at the Upstairs gallery
Horse in Art, Obsidian Gallery, Buckinghamshire
Two man show at Easton Farm Park, Framlingham.
The Suffolk Horse Fair
Spring Art Fair Ipswich
Tendring Hundred Art show Essex
Ipswich Art Festival
Society of Equestrian Artists Summer Show - The Mall Gallery.
Natural World Art exhibition - Banhams Zoo Norfolk.
Horse in Art exhibition - Obsidian Art Gallery Buckinghamshire
Christmas Art Fair, Ipswich.
East Anglias Finest Artists Robert Cross Hall, Corn Exchange Ipswich
Debut at Gallery Kaleidoscope, London NW6
The Equus Art exhibition - Banhams Zoo, Norfolk
Society of Equestrian Artists Summer Show at Christies


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Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

Artist Favorites

 , , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{the_complaining_sea-1518112441.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2018
80 x 60 x 3 cm (31.5 x 23.6)