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Artist Statement

In physics it is observed that energy is the source of everything. "The Big Bang" was a sudden release of energy that formed into the forces and matter of this universe. To this day energy is what moves, transforms, and transmutes matter from one state to another.
My objective has been to explore and observe the relationships between the physical and spiritual. Reality is a complex matrix of interdependent, interconnected, multi-dimensional fields of energy or vibrational realms. The spiritual realms radiate energy at a multitude of frequencies into the physical realms of body, mind and emotions. Through the use of colour, form and texture, archetypal and abstract images resonate with deeper meanings. The energy and its reflections that create the experience of this paradigm is what we call physical reality. I strive to make visible that which is at the foundation of reality.
For several years I have been working in the mediums of painting and photography. I welcome the advent of digital art as it allows me to bring perspectives from these other mediums and let them come alive in ways that are unique to this powerful new medium.

Lyle Crump 2006

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