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David Mac Innes

A lifetime interest in art and painting was started at Erie Technical High School that had a curriculum that allowed a half day devoted to drawing and painting from life models and plaster casts. A stick of hard charcoal and big white sheet of paper- In the traditional European Beaux Arts tradition.
Following time sspent in the Army Air Force in both the US and Germany was four years at The Cleveland Institute of Art. In addition to developing skills in design, color theory, illustration and graphics,- studies in Art History, photography, film making and typography were also followed. Evening classes at Carnegie Mellon Institute as well the annual Carnegie Show provided exposure to the best international art theory concepts.
During a 30 year career as an Art Director/Design Supervisor in advertising agencies in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and New York City in both print and television he continued painting and exhibiting in group and solo shows. His current method of using the computer to explore various aspects of an image prior to the finish was developed during this time
This experience, plus not having a ‘signature style’ has allowed him to explore different approaches to creating images, in effect letting the subject dictate the means. Being a lifelong “sketcher” has helped develop eye/ hand coordination as well as the ability to mentally previsualize and ‘put down’ images from imagination and gut feeling ( ...usually valuing innovation over polish). Although primarily an abstract artist he also enjoys doing landscapes and representational work in a direct ‘on the spot’ manner. His work reflects studying many artists and periods of art and he especially admires those who continue to apply contemporary thought processes to disciplines ranging from architecture, to sculpture, glass, film and communications arts--and, of course, those whose drive
is to continually- ‘push the envelope’ -rather than replow old fields.
In 1996 to 1998 extensive trips were made to France in the Aix-en-Provence area to find and paint many of of the actual sites used by Cezanne in depicting his famous Mt. Ste.Victoire paintings. Seeing and painting the views that inspired Cezanne’s art helped to understand, in some small way, his approach to painting and contribution to modern art. Having worked previously to help create campaigns for the IBM sponsored Cezanne show at The Museum of Modern Art in N.Y. this was particularly meaningful.
Being able to link travel with study and personal interpretation of artists and historical art movements on their ‘home turf’ so to speak, has been a constant inspiration. American artists of 1900 to present, Picasso in Paris and Barcelona, Matisse in Nice, Cobra and Rembrant in Amsterdam. and more recently the Tokaido Road of Hiroshige have provided much in the way of deep satisfaction and pleasure . (The overworked word “homage” might apply).
His work is in private collections on the East and West Coast. Many of his paintings and prints are done primarily as a means of personal creative development and are exploratory in nature . They are available at Palos Verdes Art Center Print Gallery
and on
His studio is in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California.

Artist Exhibitions

SOLO Shows;
2007 Upcoming: One man show 2007
Palos Verdes Art Center, Rolling Hills Estates, CA
(Date to be set)
Paintings - both representational and abstract,
Oil and acrylic monoprints, computer graphics and on-screen video graphics.
A showing of seventeen minute video "THE RED CAPE."

1995 IN RETROSPECT David Mac Innes Oresman Gallery, Larchmont, NY
Oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, photographs
and computer graphics
1993 A WALK IN THE PARK Larchmont Art Gallery
1954 GRAPHIC PITTSBURGH Ivy School of Art Pittsburgh, PA -
Paintings, drawings. designs, graphics, photography, experimental and
documentary films.
1996 'ON THE SHORE' Larchmont Civic Center: Oil, watercolor and
acrylic paintings of Long Island Sound.

2007-2003 Palos Verdes Art Center -Group, Theme and Annual Shows:
‘Studio Tabletops’, Award
Paintings, monoprints, works on paper, computer generated images
and photographs. Currently showing at the Norris Gallery in PVAC,
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 'Portuguese Bend Hillside'
1997 NEW YORK 'BIG APPLE' Show-Mamaroneck Artists Guild-
'Alligator Alley' First Award Westbeth Gallery, New York, N.Y.
1994 EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED MAG Gallery, Larchmont, NY
'California Colors'
1991 ART DIRECTORS WHO PAINT The Art Directors Club of New York,
ADCNY Gallery, New York, NY 'Southcoast City', 'Intracoastal Canal'
1989 .....and ALL THAT JAZZ MAG Gallery 'Fashion Show'
'Cats Cradle'. 'A Day in Greenwich Village'. 'Color Rhythm.
1960 LW FROHLICH Competition LWF Gallery, 'Radiant Square II 1ST place
INTERCON INTERNATIONAL graphics (corporate collection)
1959 THE CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART 'Radiant Square' (sun theme series)
1958 27th NEW ENGLAND INTERNATIONAL, Silvermine Gallery,
Silvermine, Conn.
1956 ARTISTS IN INDUSTRY Pittsburgh, PA 1st Award
1952 CIA Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio


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