Artist Statement -

Yall know whats worth more than money to me When it comes to my paintings, the thing that makes me happiest is the look on my clients face. Whoever you are, wether collector or new client, your face when you see your one of a kind piece. THAT is what makes it worth it to me. Im giving you a piece of my soul. And while the money helps me to keep putting my soul on canvas, your feelings for my pieces of soul.....those feelings are what inspire me to push and grow with each new piece. Art isnt about money or fame for me. Art is about healing. Art is about how we feel and see. This is what i hope to share with the world. Every person who takes away or commissions a painting, those people are seeing through my eyes. If only for a moment we see eye to eye. Thats what I truly value from selling or giving away my art. Seeing you feel what i felt in the moment i painted that particular piece is the world to me. For that moment in time our vision is the same. We dont connect with each other any more. If i can help anyone with my art and connect through it in any way, thats what i truly desire out of my work. I desire to inspire connection and understanding through my paintings.

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