Artist Statement -

"My statement IS the work."

Awodey received his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1984. Hundreds of his works are in private collections around the USA. Awodey lives in Burlington, Vermont- one of the most active arts enclaves in in North America. He teaches fine arts at Burlington College and The Community College of Vermont, is an award winning art critic, and has published 3 books of poetry.

Resume and slides are available on request. Awodey's vision is unique, and his work may be considered investment quality. Click on "send the artist an email" for further information.

“I do not try to be profound. My only concern is to make pictures that work - I can’t worry about critical relevance, or what a viewer might discover in a piece. Such are not for me to know. I am a figurative painter who is, nevertheless, more focused on formal issues than narrative content. Narratives are egocentric, and I am an artist of the Id. Textures, color, and line are the Id. I establish a dialog with each canvas, and let it develop on its own terms - so my pictures are very simple and direct. The anatomy of the picture is always more important than the anatomy of the subject.”

Artist Exhibitions

2008... Vermont Supreme Court building, solo show, Montpelier, VT;
2007... B-Mori San Francisco, CA, group show; Burlington College solo show; Community College of Vermont solo show Burlington,VT;
Vermont Community Access Media group exhibition Burlington, VT group;
2006... Bonham & Butterfield, Los Angeles, CA invitational
AVA Gallery Lebanon, NH solo exhibition
Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester,VT group show
Studio STK, Burlington VT solo exhibition
Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery, Shelburne, VT. group show
2005...Salt Meadow Gallery, Cape Cod MA. group show
Green Door Studio Burlington, VT. collective exhibition
2004...Studio Place Arts (upper gallery) Barre,VT solo show.
Amy Tarrent Gallery, Flynn Theater "40 years, 400 Verses" poetry exhibition with photographer Sandy Milens. Burlington, VT;
The South End Art Hop, Burlington, VT; group show
The Ramble Burlington’s Old North End; group show
Radio Bean, Burlington VT. solo show.
2003...Flynndog Gallery,"Word Works" Burlington, VT; group show
The South End Art Hop, Burlington, VT; group show
The Community College of Vermont, Burlington, VT;
2002...The South End Art Hop, Burlington, VT; group show
Rose st. Artist’s Coop, "Come as you Are" group show, Burlington, VT; Studio Place Arts, Barre, VT. group show
2001... The South End Art Hop, Burlington, VT group show.
2000... Zeitgeist Gallery, "Poetry Machines!" Cambridge, MA solo show.
Firehouse Cnt.for the Visual Arts, "Process, Progress" Burlington, VT;
Burlington College,"Artworks Sold by Weight not Volume" solo show.
1999... Municipal Art Centre, Richelieu, Quebec; SUNY Plattsburg, NY; Firehouse Gallery, Burlington, VT; "The Triangle of Excellence" touring show.
Rose Street Artist’s Cop, Invitational Exhibition, Burlington, VT Univ. of Vermont,"Poetry Machines and other new works" Solo Exhibition, Burlington, Vermont
1998...Rhombus Gallery Artspace, Burlington, VT
The South End Art Hop Burlington, VT group show
Firehouse Center, Burlington, VT Invitational Exhibition
1997...University of Vermont; “Where does it come from? Where does it go?” Solo Exhibition.
Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, VT. solo show
1996... Governor’s Corridor, Pavilion Office Building, Montpelier, VT. Solo Exhibition
1994... Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, VT. Solo Exhibition
1993...Selections from the collection of Suzanne and Seymour Preston, Hastings NY group show
Governor’s Corridor, Montpelier VT, solo show
1992...Fleming Museum, Burlington, VT- Arts Alive Founders’ Exhibition
1991...A.V.A. Gallery, Hanover, N.H group show
Webb & Parsons Burlington, VT; group show
Chaffee Art Center, Rutland, VT group show
1990...The Stratton Festival, Stratton Mountain, VT. group show
1989...70th National Exhibition, Smith Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA;
A.V.A. Gallery, Hanover, N.H. solo show
Chaffee Art Center, Rutland, VT solo show
Passepartout Gallery, "Summer in Vermont" Winooski, VT;
Fleming Museum, "Arts Alive! Invitational" Burlington, VT;
Brattleboro Museum, Castleton State College, Vermont Statehouse- "Vermont Memory Maps" touring show;
Helen Day Art Center, "Winter Invitational" Stowe, VT
1988...Lake Placid Center for the Arts, "Works by Vermont Visual Artists" Lake Placid, NY;
Passepartout Gallery, Winooski, VT solo show
Trinity College, Burlington, VT solo show
Norwich University, Wood Gallery, "Art Show ’88" Montpelier VT;
Chaffee Art Center "27t Annual Members’ Exhibition" Rutland,VT (awarded first prize)
Helen Day Art Center, "Vermont Selections ’88" Stowe, VT (awarded first prize)
1987...Lake Placid Center for the Arts, "A Vermont Sampler" Lake Placid, N.Y;
The Stratton Festival Stratton Mountain, VT,
Municipal Gallery, City Hall, Burlington, VT solo show
1986...Burlington College, Burlington, VT, solo exhibition
Church Street Center, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT solo exhibition
1985...Arts Alive!, Burlington, VT group show
Municipal Gallery, City Hall, Burlington VT solo show
Fletcher Free Library Burlington, VT solo show
1984...The Detroit Artists’ Market, Detroit, MI Juried Exhibition
Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Association Gallery, Birmingham, MI; (Awarded Juror's award by juror, Miriam Shapiro) "The Michigan Fine Arts Competition"
Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI; Graduate Degree Show
City Hall, Burlington, VT, solo show
1983...Focus Gallery, Detroit, MI; Annual Juried Exhibition, (Juror, Leon Golub)

-conceptual art-

AS220 Providence, RI (with the Poetry Slam Nationals)
Mobius Gallery, Boston, MA
Gathering of the Tribes, New York City, NY
Java Hut, Worcester, MA
Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA
Rhythm & Muse Jamaica Plain, MA
Fleming Museum, University of Vermont
Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, NH
The Flynndog Gallery Burlington, VT
The Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier, VT
Montpelier City Hall, Mtpelier, VT
Manifest Poetry Festival, Middlesex, VT
Union Station in Burlington, VT
Magic Hat Brewery, S.Burlington, VT
The Fletcher Free Library, Burlington VT


Artist Publications

Oct 10, 2004 Rutland, Vermont

"Raw meat, emotion on exhibit at SPA"

"The triptych seems to bleed on the large wall. All three of the oil paintings are variations on a theme – red-on-red depictions of grocery store shelves stocked with slabs and globs of raw meat. Blue anonymous human forms stand near the refrigerated cases, apparently loading the shelves up with rounds of flesh.

This visual assault, simply titled "Meat," is part of Marc Awodey's series on that theme on view at Studio Place Arts in Barre. The images, at once repulsive and hypnotic, are energetically painted. Awodey apparently doesn't stint on the amount of paint he uses or the intensity of the colors. Most of his attention seems to be focused on roasts and hamhocks. The figures, with their distorted shapes and their facelessness, are alienating and menacing in their way.

And while this series is particularly gripping, his other, more familial paintings share similar motifs. The people are always ambiguous forms, crudely rendered, but gesturally accurate. And the settings tend to be dark extensions of their inner worlds. He frequently starts out with black backgrounds, and this literally lends a dark quality to his work.

But if the mood is haunting, the subject matter can be just plain daunting. "Mourners," another triptych, is reminiscent of Edvard Munch's "The Scream." A single burial scene is divided into three sections. Anonymous figures dominate the scene, clad in black hooded garb outlined in red and yellow paint apparently squirted out straight from the tube onto the canvas.

The faces are swaths of beige nothingness. The figures gather around a coffin, and it is through their gestures that we understand the poignancy of the scene: One figure leans on the coffin, apparently dejected, another holds a hand to her head. Awodey accentuates the drama by flattening the perspective, so that the background – a flat square of grass topped by a line of roughed-in cars – seems compressed onto the figures. The middle panel is about eight inches shorter than the two that surround it, creating the impression that Awodey has included the empty space left by the deceased in the triptych."


Artist Collections

The Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier, VT
MV Transportation, Fairfield, California
Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Preston, Bedford Hills, NY
Mr. Ric Kasini Kadour, Montreal, Quebec
The Fleming Museum- Univ. of Vermont
Stacey and Sean Kimble, Orinda, CA
Dr. & Mrs. David Perkinson, Portland OR
Kim Salander, and Georgette Wirth, Norwalk, CT
The Franklin County (VT) Courthouse
The Fletcher Free Library, Burlington,VT
Mr. Mark Waskow, Burlington, VT
Ms. Pamela Polston, Winooski, VT
Ms. Sue Higby, Barre,VT
Murdoch & Hughes esq. Burlington, VT
Ms. Alice Murdoch, Shelburne,Vt
Ms. Valery Hird Burlington, VT
Mr. Dug Nap, Burlington, VT
Ms. Eva Schectman, Barre, VT
The Main Street Landing Company, Burlington, VT
The Winkler-Freeman collection, Burlington, Vt

...and many others. Awodey paintings from the early 1980s are also in the possesion of many artists who attended Cranbrook Academy of Art 1982-84. He regularly traded paintings for supplies there.


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