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Artist's Statement

My art is intuitive. I usually need something to trigger my imagination. I will look around me for something that clicks in me, and then build my images on that. What I see serves as a point of departure for the works that ensue.
I use my art to express what I feel and understand about myself, my life,the people in my life, and in my surroundings. My work reflects my emotional attachments, and the content of my daily experiences. All through my early work there are common subjects that are repeated in various ways.
I prefer design over representation in all of my art.I have a passion for design and in my work I tend to favor pattern along with color and line.I am interested in nature as I observe it personally and as a resource. As for technique, I lean towards organic methods. Drawing and painting subjects from nature enriches my abilities, and keeps me aware of the organic nature of art.When I paint people as my subject it is with with an interest in their psychology and character.Recently I am incorporating the use of computers in my work by scanning my small sketches, and then refining and experimenting with them until I have a work with potential.I also draw and paint on the computer.The opportunities for expression through the use of computers are phenomenal and I hope to make use of their creative potential.
One thematic development in my work is images that simply emerge as I sketch in my sketchbook. They have have elements in them that are metaphoric. They evolve in a way that is similar to writing poetry. I am rarely conscious of them as ideas until they evolve one shape at a time. After the images are created, I can see where they come from and begin to understand their content . The process is something like dream analysis.
Experimentation with media is another strong element in my work. My art is fueled by my need to learn and to develop my skills. Like most artists, I never tire of learning. I work from life to sharpen my ability to see and from imagination to fashion my images.I experiment with technique, materials and imagery. I am inspired by the medium as much as by the subject.

Artist's Statement update for 2009

Although I was born in Kentucky and earned a place early on in my career in the Kentucky Women Artist's exhibition, I have spent most of my adult life in Indiana.

Some of my exhibitions include : A One Woman Show at the Anderson Fine Arts Center in Anderson, The Indiana State Fair (Professional Division), the Mid-Statess Art Exhibition, Evansville, IN, the Anderson Winter Show, Anderson IN and the Hoosier Salon, In my early career as an artist I won numerous awards both in Kentucky and Indiana.

Recently I won two awards in the student Professional Division at the Indianapolis Art Center. I won a Multi-media award and in December 2009 I won the Prizm award in the professional division. The latter was for an acrylic painting.These works were on display in the galleries.

My early work was comprized mostly of drawings and mixed media and I dabbled a little in oils and acrylics. Now since my teaching career is completed and my children are raised I am concentrating primarily in acrylic painting on canvas. I have been studying at the Indianapolis Art Center first under Caroline Mecklin and most recently under Farideh Peacock.

I feel that I am just beginning on my a new career in acrylic painting. I started the new career painting flowers but have since moved on to subject matter derived from a lifetime of drawing and sketching.I rejoice in the experience of seeing where my work will take me.

My art can be viewed on two of my websites and giclee prints can be purchased on my American Frame site.
To see my websites please go to or and type in my name.You can also find me among Kentucky Women Artists online.

Please note: You can purchase giclee prints of my work through link is posted under links. I am also posting it here.

Artist Exhibitions

Kentucky Women 1850-1970
One Woman Show, Anderson Fine Arts Center, Anderson, IN
Kentucky Women Artists
Indiana State Fair (Professional Division)
Mid-States Art Exhibition, Evansville, IN
Anderson Winter Show, Anderson IN
Hoosier Salon, Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis Art Center Multi-media award in mixed media (Professional Division)
Indianapolis Art Center Prizm award in painting (Professional Division)

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