Artist Statement -

"I do not do copies or reproductions of my artwork. All my pieces are unique. Those who purchase my paintings are assured that nobody else will have the same piece."

"I have a lot of passion in my colors and my paintings show my emotions."

Marisa Ventura was born in Angola in 1969. In 1975 the family moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where she currently resides.

At an early age her talent was evident. Although her career in business administration and family obligations occupied most of her time, she never gave up on her dream. She has enrolled in painting classes and is gradually developing her own unique style.

Marisa combines a wonderful sense of color, line and texture in her depictions of life.

Artist Exhibitions


XF BAR - Horta, Faial Island, Azores: 8th to 13th of March

Exhibitions of 2004:

- Group Exhibition:

Art Market - Oeiras Market, Oeiras: 3rd to 5th of Septembre

Art Market - Oeiras Market, Oeiras: 7th to 9th of May

On the year of 2003:

- Individual Exhibitions:

Empire of the Nobles (Império dos Nobres) - Ilha do Faial, Azores:
between March to September.

- Group Exhibitions:

Art Market - Oeiras Market, Oeiras: 26th to 28th of September

Hotel AltisPark - Olaias, Lisbon: 17th of June to 4th of July

Dom Guardanapo - Campo Grande, Lisbon: 12th of May and stays for
two months.

My exibitions on 2002 were:

Câmara Municipal da Horta - Ilha do Faial, Azores: 5th of December to 30th of December.


Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Câmara Municipal da Horta, Faial, Portugal
Hotel Altispark, Encosta das Olaias, Portugal
António Lopes, Lisboa, Portugal
Hernani Silva, Porto, Portugal
Rui de Jesus Goulart, Faial - Açores, Portugal
Jorge Gonçalves, Faial - Açores, Portugal
José Torres, Lisboa, Portugal
Maria das Neves, Cascais, Portugal
Ana Maria Paulos, Oeiras, Portugal
Maria Odete Maria, Oeiras, Portugal
Luisa Resende, Oeiras, Portugal
Idalecio Barros, Oeiras, Portugal
Noemia, Horta, Azores
Augusta Resende, Winnipeg, Canada
João António Resende, Winnipeg, Canada
Nuno Faria, Winnipeg, Canada
Sara Faria, Winnipeg, Canada
Diana Meltzer, New Jersey, EUA
Miguel Faria, Porto, Portugal
Anabela Almeida, Oeiras, Portugal
Armandina Nunes, Oeiras, Portugal
Inês Nunes, Oeiras, Portugal
Monica Laje, Oeiras, Portugal
Claudia Faria, Porto, Portugal
Armando Resende, Avanca, Portugal
Amélia Pereira, Açores, Portugal
Alberto Melo, Horta - Ilha do Faial, Portugal
Shannon Rose, Redwood City, USA
Anabela Ventura, Porto, Portugal

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