Artist Statement -

Mario Ortiz M. is a mexican artist living in Chihuahua, Mexico. My way of working is free, wild, spontaneous, many times a fruit of desperation and anxiety. It starts in a imperative moment of the day, no idea in my mind, in most cases is an irrational desire of painting and nothing more. Probably I have images that are stored in my imagination, or messages, or traces in my ADN of people of past eras. The paintings made in this way can be considered as Historic Landscapes of the mind, because they are reproductions of the influential ideas that are formed by unknow people who was consumed by suffering, doubts an desperation or characters in the top of the glory, erotic extasis, serenty, indiference or joy. The style of the paintings can best be described as wild impressionism. Sometimes they are more figurative, at other times fully abstract. Colour is very important for me the alchemy of colour. This defines for me the atmosphere of a painting. Usually I work in only a layer, tryng to capture the fire of a first unthinked idea. I let myself be guided automatically by the forms and colours that develop during the process of painting. Each new brush stroke or mad line of crayon gives inspiration for the following one, with new images. Because of the different movements, the paint gets depth and character. Sometimes the beginning is abstract, and then at some point human figures are coming into shape. As if the human presence then is necessary for further inspiration, defining human relationships. On the meaning of my work I consider my paintings being like romantic and furious rhapsodies, they dont need words for explanation.
Each one tells his own tale, that can be different for each person looking at it.

My art education is mainly autodidact. I builded my knowledge and experience by following a great number of lectures of art books.
During the last years I have concentrated myself on painting, increasing my crazyness or illumination, whatever viewer want.

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