Artist Statement -

Expression is an act of emotion that is indicative of one's feeling or response. Throughout my body of work is a response to things that interest, intrigue, and disgust me. I am aiming to create a fresh energetic response to questions and worries of social dilemmas, religion, and politics of our time. Motive in my work is often derived as a sum of other forms of communications such as music and film that parallel themselves with these questions and how it manifests in our subconscious. The way that music is perceived and moves through us as well as the way that cinematography creates comfort and discomfort is how I intend my paintings to take hold of my audience. Within each piece I create elaborate fictional scenes that are figurative or sometimes non-representational forms of vivid color to create visual translations of a certain idea of feeling to present to my viewer. As I produce these works I am aware of the balance of formal qualities to create a world of space governed through illusionary depth with blended and flat regions. I am also aware that paint is just a tool of mine and I have no interest in letting it be anything other than it's intended purpose, therefore I am free to work with thick or thin applications to suit my mood or to achieve the desired result of my subject. My goal is to distinguish form as a build up of thought and push the suggestion of illusionistic space in which these thoughts exist. I feel that the outcome of my work is a modern tradition for contemporary purposes. When titling my pieces I will sometimes label them in a manner that is tongue in cheek to show my satirical thoughts toward my subject matter or idea. It is apparent through my this work that I will often allow graphic, perhaps offensive imagery and/or ideology along with emotion to create a contradiction of my presentation to my audience when I feel it is needed to make my work meaningful. I don't concern myself with ordinary boundaries that exist in the world that present themselves as "sophisticated"; I allow sexuality and primitiveness as they relate cognitively into the directness of my approach. Expression is as basic as human nature gets and I feel it is only human to respond accordingly.

Artist Exhibitions

University of North Texas North Gallery, Denton, TX 2013
-Instinctive Translation: BFA Solo Exhibition
In Accord Gallery, Dallas, TX 2010
-Something Morbid Solo Exhibition

Blow-Up Gallery, Dallas, TX 2013
Blow-Up Gallery, Dallas, TX 2013
Blow-Up Gallery, Dallas, TX 2013
-New Frontiers Exhibition
Pop Up Gallery, Dallas, TX 2013
Sunshine Store, Dallas, TX 2013
-Farewell Show
Kettle Art Gallery, Dallas, TX 2012
-Ripple Effect
Underworld Art Gallery, Dallas, TX 2012
-Hidden Talent
Cora Stafford Gallery, Denton, TX 2012
-Senior Exit Review Showcase
Smoke and Mirrors Gallery, Dallas, TX 2011
-Art as a Weapon Exhibition
In Accord Gallery, Dallas, TX 2010
-Square Roots
Kettle Art Gallery, Dallas, TX 2010
-Creep Show
1837 Corinth Street, Dallas, TX 2010
-Real Jam
Soda Pop Gallery, Dallas, TX 2010
-Pin-up: Clothes & Pantyhose
Truffle Gallery, Dallas, TX 2010
-Cheap Tricks
Cora Stafford Gallery, Denton, TX 2009
-Junior Portfolio Review Showcase


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