Artist Statement -

Title..."Hope in Desperation"
This unique tree represents the artist's reflections on his own life by using nature and his lifelong fasination with tress in an analogy towards the similarities between the human spirit and that of the spirit found around us in nature.

Special attention was given in selecting the stone mount for the tree. The artist felt that the mount must define a weather-torn, barren, non-fertile and isolated location to parallel the feelings he was experiencing in his surrounding at the time he concieved this sculpture. (this stone has been dated at being 450 million years old by some of the fossils found embedded in it)

Choosing to work with copper as the base, limbs and leaves was mainly due to the metaphysical and physical properties of copper as being a conductor of energy. The artist believes that just as copper is a conductor of energy so are we as human beings. The leadcoating on the bas and limbs of the tree is a protective shell, protecting the tree from the elements and environment much the same as we as human beings wear masks create walls for protect from our environment, to protect our inner-selves, our emotions from the onslaught of media, harsh living conditions, violence and abuse or fear to mention only a few.

The over all viewing of the scuplture, when looking closely the artist shows us the struggle for the tree to survive, it's roots spread out along the stone to find cracks and crevices to hold itself in place, there is no soil to gather nutrients from in this area where it has chosen to grow. The tree shows us it is in a wind swept area, all soil has been blown away. How does the tree survive... the tree itself has adapted to it's harsh environment it has learned to bend with the wind and not to fight against it, by fighting against the wind current it would break and eventually die, by bending with the windit remains strong and vital. Note the leaves when viewing the sculpture from above, you will notice that all the leaves are visible, none of the leaves over-lap each other. The tree is utilizing every possible means to gather life giving energy from the sun. When in crisis the tree looks to the heavens for it's life giving do we all.

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