Photograph of Artist MARVEL EBIWARI
sydney, - Australia

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Marvel Ebiwari; Saxophone Girl, 2018, Original Painting Acrylic, 20 x 30 cm. Artwork description: 241 the medium is mixed mediaacrylic and jeans fabric. ...
Marvel Ebiwari
Original Acrylic Painting, 2018
20 x 30 cm (7.9 x 11.8 inches)
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Artist Statement

I create art because it says so much without speaking—the feel of colours, the environment and my emotions make me want to express all of this in my art.
Art is a sense of relief to me, I can express my sadness or happiness in my paintings. I feel at ease after I have expressed my ideas and imagination.

In the last few weeks I have been working with acrylic and oil, which has been really interesting because it has broadened my knowledge on how they can be used and.
I have been working on a whole range of styles and techniques like, landscape, still life and nature. A lot of my paintings have big strokes and shapes in them and I love the feel of applying thick paint in my paintings, it shows movement and emotion which gives my paintings an expressive mood.
I’m interested in storytelling which evokes curiosity in the viewer.
One of the artists that has influenced me is Picasso, his paintings have helped me to think outside the box especially is abstract figure paintings, another artist is Matisse I like his paintings of landscape and use of colour and also his drawings, some of them have less lines but say a lot.

My philosophy is “You are responsible for your life, doing your best at the moment which puts you in the best place for your next moment.”

My vision is to get all the knowledge and experience I can, break poverty of the mind and be a vocational trainer especially in my country Nigeria to those who have the talent but are not privileged to have the opportunity to learn and help them to also live their dreams.