Artist Statement -

Nature slays me. I am so amazed at how perfect and beautiful it is. My art has been influenced more by nature than anything else in the world.

I was lucky enough to grow up "in the sticks" so that my everyday childhood was filled with fishing for crayfish in the creek and playing with tadpoles, frogs and salamanders out of the pond. I also trapped and raised raccoons and opossums. I collected weeds and stones because I loved the textures and colors. I began drawing from nature at a very young age and never lost interest.

As an adult I began to be very interested in anything Chinese. Their appreciation and respect for nature in art drew me to study traditional Chinese brush paintings for many years. I had some exceptional brush teachers like Kwok Kay and Alice Choey and Michael and Sarina Poon.

The work I do now combines both eastern and western techniques.

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