Artist Statement -

Welcome to my Portfolio!
If you are wondering if this is just another floral/landscape artist,I am not! My work is abstract-figurative and ,as you see,I love color!!I work directly on the canvas and the images come out of my imagination or from my memory . I do Collages and Watercolor too , but for me , the most deep feelings come out with Oil or Acrylic.With those media I can fulfill the strong contrastes I work with , and which are part of my style.

Artist Exhibitions

One manshows:
1987-Beth Halochem:Haifa
1988-Mofet Gallery:Jerusalem
1990 1996 - Permanent Exhibition - Sefad , Israel
1999-Beth Asia:Tel-Aviv
2000-Danon Gallery:Tel-Aviv
2001-GALERIA D'ART ZERO,Barcelona,Spain
2001-Elah , Tel-Aviv
2002 -Gallery " Ophir" , Tel Aviv,
2004 - Gallery "Castra" Haifa
2005 - Gallery "Alternative" Tel- Aviv
2006 - Krieger Gallery , Haifa
2006 - Studio Oman Gallery , Hadera
2008 - The Artist House , Hadera
2009 - The Artist House , Hadera
2010 - The Artist House , Haifa
2010 - The Artist House , Tel Aviv
2011 - The Artist House , Hadera

From 1990-1996 I had my own Gallery and Exhibition in Sefad, Israel and was a member of the Artist Colony there.

Since 1987 I participated regularly in Groups Exhibitions all over Israel and in Europe .Especially in Germany , France and Italy.

The Bronze Medal for Painting at the"Salon des Artistes Francais" , October 2003 In Paris , France.
The "Grande Medaille d'Or" at the "International World of Art Festival" in Cannes , France , Februar 2004.
June 2006 was awarded Honorable Professor "Associated Accademician" at the Accademia della Arte "Greci - Marino " del Verbano, Italy ,
2007 - The "Anthony Van Deyk 2007 "Award , Lecce , Italy...

Artist Publications

Hans Hogendoorn- Visual Artist:
"Michal's paintings are to me expressionist emotions.Her work evokes questions for her,which she answers and resolves through the medium of paint.She is NOT slavishly attached to minutiae, creating new work from elements of nature.She intensifies the colours, leaving the spaces to expand. For her, nature is NOT to be copied!!The concept of her work typifies the school of expressionism, that does not attempt to describe reality but rather floods-it with a flow of human and cosmic emotion.Her world is that of childlike wonder at mankind, animals and landscapes, at the harmony that her mind discovers in the day-to-day world. Michal hovers between the borders of abstraction and realism.Repeatedly her work tends to go one way and then the other, swinging to and fro between realistic depiction and abstact harmonies of colour. Such metamorphoses lend a special significance to her work.COLOUR IS THE RAW MATERIAL FROM WHICH SHE CREATES HER WORLDS....

Artist Collections

Mr. Simi Iancu , Resita ,Romania
Mr. Cataliu Vranccanu , Region Grivania , Romania
Mr . F Klein , Ouderkerk , Holland
Mr. A Klein , Zeist , Holland
The Municipality of Bari , Italy
The Municipality of Cannes , France...

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