Artist Statement -

God created world from fire and water.Then looked at the earth,he thought it was looking very empty and made human.
He put the colours on his palette and painted world with them.
Human liked his present and they started to dance
He enjoyed what he did.
I am a very independent person and probably my paintings are too. I don’t paint because of the trend, or mode, I paint because something or somebody fascinates me. It could be nature, a face, a story, an event, colors (especially, I adore strong colors ), a song, an object, my feelings, my thoughts, my dreams: never ending possibilities of improbability. I definitely love beauty. I am trying to express my personal sense of beauty and truth in my paintings.So every painting is different. There is not only one style in which I like to work .I traveled to the four corners of the earth, and each place I visited added to my desire for unique artistic expression.Wherever I went, I found new influences directing my brush strokes or guiding my hands as I worked at my paintings or sculptures.’’
Living in Istanbul between Asia and Europe inspires me greatly.I have a chance to see and live both sides.I respect both tradition and modernty.

Dont think very serious things about art..Just try enjoy and have fun..

Artist Exhibitions

2003 DSS art galery -Sculpture,painting- Newjersey -USA
2004 Chania2. International art fest &<8211;GREECE
2004 Russalka international Plain air art fest BULGARIA
2004 Zurich art show SWITZERLAND

2005 Museum Castello Estence international art contemporara( Emotion in motion) Ferrera-ITALY
2005 Grand Marche art contemporary Place De LaBastille Paris-FRANCE
2005 Chania 3.International art fest-GREECE
2005Russalka international Plain air art fest BULGARIA
2005Omma Gallery Santa Barbara-USA
2005 Istanbul art fair Tuyap &<8211;TURKEY

2006Agora Soho Galley NewYork-USA
2006 Grand Marche art contemporary Place De La Bastille Paris,FRANCE
2006 Istanbul aet fair- Tuyap-TURKEY
2006Bialowieski National Park Museum(inter-winter) &<8211;POLLAND

2007Zoya art gallery-Varþova-POLLAND
2007Kapadokya international art exhibition- TURKEY
2007Istanbul art fair -Tuyap-TURKEY

2008JMA gallery (light and colours)&<8211;Vien &<8211;AUSTRIA
20082008 -Flying angels in the river of love.(Ask Selinde ucusan Melekler) Solo exhibition paintings show with poems by Selin Aktan from her poem book published 2008 which name is Flying angels in the river of love in Gallery Binyil Istanbul-TURKEY
2008-2.Drynova international art fest by Panev Galeria &<8211;BULGARIA
2008Gioart gallery &<8211; artist of august -Online exhibition LosAngeles-USA
2008 Istanbul art fair-Tuyap-TURKEY
2008international art exchange Tile Project -CHÝNA-INDIA
2009 7Courtry 7women &<8211;Museum of the Americas -Florida-USA
2009 Women in the Arts -Museum of The Americas -Florida-USA
2009 3.Sharm El Seikh International plastic art symposium and exhibition -EGYPT
2009 Galeri 5 (dream time)Solo exhibition-Istanbul-TURKEY
2009 Copenhagen Sounds of Art international music and art show-DENMARK
2009 Human Rights international art exhibition Belvedere Palace-Caserta -ITALY
2009 Fairy tales which I wrote with rainbow solo painting and sculpture exhibition Eskisehir Eldem Gallery Turkey
2009 Sapancada zamanlar Rahmi Koc Museum Istanbul Turkey
2009 Istanbul Art Contemporary..Istanbul TURKEY

2010 Is there a enought place in rainbow temple?solo painting and sculpture exhibition in Doruk Galeri,Istanbul-Turkey
2010.4.Sharm El Seiykh International plastic art symposium and exhibition-EGYPT
2010.2.Internatinal Tepecik art and culture fest and Tepecik art park project -TURKEY(Curator and artist)
2010 Spice of love solo painting and scuplture (Dibekli han art village-Bodrum-TURKEY)
2010-I Whisper to the winds(Music album,5 songs-Selin Melek Aktan is composer,song writer ,singer)
2010 Message from eternity solo painting&sculpture exhibition.Apeiron Artplus Gallery -Istanbul-Turkey

2011 Ultralist costums design exhibition with Maria Kiliclioglu Baraz-
Apeiron Artplus Gallery in ISTANBUL-TURKEY

2012-1.Kosova Prishtina international art symposium and exhibition
2012.''Everything is like joke''Solo exhibition and presentation Selin Melek Aktan second music album in Venue-Machka park Istanbul Turkey
2012 International Advisory Committee-Doral Museum of the Americas
2012 Exotic and romantic solo painting and sculpture exhibition Apeiron Artplus Gallery-Istanbul-Turkey
2013-2.International Izmir Biennale Turkey

Group exhibitions:
2006 35 women 70 paintings - Cekirdek art galey Ýstanbul,Turkey
2006 Meeting a Deniz Museum- -Istanbul
2007Çekirdek sanat 3.Yorumlar sergisi,Vincent Van Gogh &<8216;un otoportreleri
2007Ghost of the portraits-Cekirdek gallery-Istanbul-
2007 Çekirdek art member exhibition
2007Painting of happiness-Cekirdek gallery-Istanbul,
2008 54 women 54 paintings.Çekirdek art-Istanbul
2008 man from woman eyes Çekirdek art -Ýstanbul
2008Çekirdek art members group exhibition
2008 2008-Charity group exhibition for spinal cord paralizer in Asmali Mescit Balikcisi-Istanbul-TURKEY
2008 Day light group exhibition Abra art Galerisi
2008 Beathing Unexpected art &<8211;Moda &<8211;Istanbul-Turkey
2009 Contemporaries -Galeri Binyil-Istanbul-TURKEY
2009 Breezes from 2008-sculptures-Galeri Binyil-Istanbul-TURKEY
2009 Nature,love,water painting -Galeri Binyil-Istanbul-TURKEY
2009 Rouge .Five Boutique Hotel-Ýstanbul-Turkey
2009 1.Flower of orange international art colony-Sapanca-Turkey
2009Cezair Istanbul Bienalle parallel exhibition- Istanbul
2009 Celebrating 86.year Republic of Turkey,86 artists ,86 art works.Madison hotel..Istanbul-Turkey
2009 Letters to Ataturk.Aydýn-Turkey
2009 Present to new year..Denizatý galery-Istanbul
2010 Green Bursa -Bursa-Turkey
2011 Atelier for repair to broken dreams

Publish ve catalogues
2004 Zurich art show(english)
2004.Chania internatonal art fest(english-greek),
2005(Chania international art show(english-greek)
2005Russalka international art show(Bulgarian- english)
2005-Emotion in motion (italian language-english
2005 Dansçýlar(iturkish-english)
2005-Ýstanbul art show(turkish-english)
2005 Celine- (English)
2006 &<8211;Everything started with fire.(english-turkish)
2006 &<8211;Orientalopart(english-turkish)
2007.Cappadoccia international art fest(english-turkish)
2008 Poetry book(fliying angels in river of love
2009 Wish tree
2009 World of Woman
2009 7woman from 7 conutries Museum of the Americas (english)
2009 Women in The Arts2009 Museum of The Americas(English)
2009 3.Sharm El SeikhPlastic art
2009 Dus Zamaný ( Dream time )
2009 Sounds of Art(English)
2009 Time in Sapanca
2009 Human Rights(Italy-english)
2009 Istanbul Art Contemporary
2010 Is there enought place in rainbow temple?
2010-4.Sharm El SeiyhPlastik art (english&arabic)
2010-2.Tepecik international art fest.
2010-I Whisper to the winds(Music album,5 songs-Selin Melek Aktan is composer,song writer ,singer)
2010 Message from eternity
2012 Everything like joke (Second Music album 7 songs- Selin Melek Aktan is composer song writer and singer in this album)
2012-1.Kosova Prishtina international art fest.
2012 - 2.Izmir Ýnternational Biennale.


Artist Publications

further extravagante artist on this fair will be the Tuerkin Selin Aktan. Aktan embodies the Orient in its whole work. It mixes the failed ornamentations of the evening country with a brilliant color play. She selects herself motives from nature just like from eastern history. Develops more interesting mix made of colors, materials and metals. Even silver decoration and feathers/springs are often trained into the art articles with. It folds up these different materials to multicolored collages. It however always makes sure that the peculiarness of the Orients remains. Thus the sympathetic Tuerkin with a spectacular form plays - and colour without thereby the harmony to lose. Also Aktan has a poetic life opinion: "God created the world from fire and water. Then he saw the earth and thought the fact that it looked very empty and created humans. In order to have still more fun, it set colors on its pallet and painted the world with them. And it gave the earth to humans as gift. God looked at its art and enjoyed which it had made." Perhaps Aktan became exactly from the same reason an outstanding painter. Three artists like it to be could more differently not. In their culture, in their way of life and naturally also in their art objects. However, these three women have to be established it created in the art scene and to find their own life-style. A model surely also for other women, who find with this example at penetration and commitment also in its own conceptions and dreams support. Because these women, who originate all together from cultures in those the women still for their Fantasien fight must, give to arrange courage and hope the life after own desires and conceptions. Who would like to learn this mixed way of life to know and the objects all together worth seeing to visit, it should not thus miss from the 14.Oktober - 17.Oktober in the kind international 2004 to Zurich to come. With these multi-cultural singularness is unique this art fair in their originality and internationality and promises versatility and alternation. VON SYLVIA ERTL 2004 art international zurich 2004

A circular rhythm distinguishes Selin Melek Aktan’s stunning celestial constructions, abstract bursts of color with cinematic warmth. Indeed, the temperament of these textured abstractions evoke the film stock emulsion works of abstract cineaste Stan Brakhage. Mercurial, fire-breathing eyes of hurricanes and tornados erupt and twist across the picture plane in rich oranges, reds, and black. Amongst hinted outlines of dark trees and exploding galaxies, Aktan’s circular motif reigns, a reminder of the ever-revolving circle of life. Aktan has exhibited work in her native Istanbul, and across the globe in Greece, Bulgaria, Switzerland , Paris, Italy, and the U.S. Of her artistic inspiration she says, “I traveled to the four corners of the earth, and each place I visited added to my desire for unique artistic expression. Wherever I went, I found new influences directing my brush strokes or guiding my hands as I worked at my paintings or sculptures.” The results of her dedication are wonderful works of astounding temperament and power.
Artist spectrum february 2006
Artmine 2006
Stefanie Mathewson
Hailing from Turkey Selin Aktan occupies the design corner of this international art bazaar.Base in Istanbul and NewYork she wears many hats as mixed media fine artist,fashion designer,decorator and also doctor.That resume helps explain and illuminate her restless,pleasently pluraistic module in the exhibition.The gleam of silver,folk art like swirly of bright colour,and framed assemblage pieces with shards of are among the diversions corralled in her unpretentious secene 23-29 september
by josef Woodart News-press correspondent


Artist Collections

Museum of The Americas-Florida-USA
Caserta Museum-ITALY
Laguna Vista Resort Hotel-Sharm El Seikh-EGYPT
Oriental Resort Hotel -Sharm El Seikh-EGYTP
Attorney--Wilmer Rodriguez-Newyork-USA
Heckerl law Firmm -NewJersey-USA
Planhouse-Jack Bennet Hughes-Jacson-Mississipi-USA
John Lewit-Phonix-USA
Russalka Holiday Resort hotel-BULGARIA
Panev Family-BULGARIA
Darek Zubovsky-POLLAND
Gobel financial consultancy company-GERMANY
Apeiron Artplus Gallery
Dr.Gokbuket Dentist Office-Istanbul-Turkey
Boutique Hotel Karlik House -Cappadoccia-Turkey
Ring advertising company-Istanbul-Turkey
Sel Zeynep-Ozden gokbuket-Nural- -Leyla Mallard-Senem Selimi- Gokcelioglu family-Mehmet Kul-
Zoya Gallery -POLLAND
Altug Health Center-Istanbul
Riad dar karma-Marrakesh-MORACCO
Omma Gallery-Santa Barbara-USA
Galleri Binyil-Istanbul-Turkey
Ahmet Sahin collection of Orange flowers residence ...

Artist Favorites

Personal Favorites Selin Melek Aktan and her song ''You are different''she composed and wrote lyric to support education projects for poor children in Turkey.. Selin Melek Aktan and her song ''I whisper to winds'' composed and wrote lyric to support education projects for poor children in Turkey..