Photograph of Artist JUAN GARAIZABAL
Berlin-Mitte, Berlin - Germany

Original Artworks (3)

Juan Garaizabal; Structural Work Over The ..., 2009, Original Mixed Media, 110 x 90 cm. Artwork description: 241  Silk- screen printing 1/ 10 ...
Juan Garaizabal
Original Mixed Media, 2009
110 x 90 cm (43.3 x 35.4 inches)
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Juan Garaizabal; Sketch I Memoria Urbana V..., 2008, Original Drawing Marker, 100 x 70 cm. Artwork description: 241  First Idea of the Installation Memoria Urbana Archivos Reales Valencia ...
Juan Garaizabal
Original Marker Drawing, 2008
100 x 70 cm (39.4 x 27.6 inches)
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Juan Garaizabal; Scketch IV Memoria Urbana..., 2008, Original Drawing Other, 200 x 170 cm. Artwork description: 241  Soft Pastel on Paper 200 X 170cm ...
Juan Garaizabal
Original Other Drawing, 2008
200 x 170 cm (78.7 x 66.9 inches)
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Artist Statement

“There are living pasts and dead pasts. Some pasts are the liveliest instigators of the present and the best springboards into the future…” Le Corbusier, When the Cathedrals Were White. Memorias Urbanas. My Urban Memories are large format artistic installations that recreate the spirit of vanished constructions, architectural elements that in their day had great value. Beauty is an absolute value, but when it comes time to reconstruct a familiar absence to pay homage to the fallen edifice, I search for other positive values, for the heroic element in its story. This esthetic and ethical work contributes decisively to satisfy these portraits of the soul, those in which integrity occupies a preferred place. Integrity, the capacity to “stand behind an ideal” 1 , is applicable to buildings as well as people. The hero is known for his deeds, for what he creates and contributes, for the positive net balance of his consumption. This essence can be located in individuals. If there is no ego, there is no awareness; there is nothing. The first knot to unravel in this process is the identification of my conviction and individual vision as an author of the soul to be rescued from a project that “must be done”. This same romantic mechanism leads others to join and push the projects by spontaneous natural affinity with their ideals and its conceptual and esthetic greatness. Collective visions can add up, but a chain of compatible individual visions can multiply. “Think separately, act together.” To raise Urban Memories...   Read More