Artist Statement

Colours have always fascinated me. They have the ability to illuminate our senses and bring out feelings of joy and sorrow, depending on where we are in life. Wherever I turn there are colours. The pale blue northern sky playing with the different shades on the white snow. Being stunned by the intense blues and reds against the African soil. Discover the beauty of a flower created so perfectly compound. The light playing with a landscape creating different moods at different times. This is magic to me.

Rembrandt with his mysterious light and colours fascinates me as much as the vibrant colours of Georges Rouault. I visited Barcelona and was caught by the roughness and beauty of Antoni Tapies' artwork. Films with atmosphere, depth and beauty fills me up and inspires me.

When I paint, all these impressions in my mind find their way onto the clean white canvas.

Life is so full of wonders, if we manage to slow down and take the time to see and experience and hold on to it, it will enrich our lives so much.

When I paint I move between creating figurative and abstract paintings. The freedom of doing so gives me more power to express my inner feelings. I can paint on large canvases with big brushes, playing joyfully with colour and form. Or I can go deep and search the stillness, and use the language of figurativeness. I use acrylics, as it dryes fast and gives me the opportunity to have a continuation in the process of painting.

Artist Exhibitions

Loyd Gallery Oslo Norway 2007
Anna Roza Art Gallery Oslo Norway 2006
Loyd Gallery Oslo Norway 2006
T Gallery Sweden 2006
Pontoppidan Gallery Oslo Norway 2005
Exhibition at the National Library 2004
T Gallery Sweden 2004
About Art Gallery Oslo Norway 2004
National Juryed Exhibition 2002
National Juryed Exhibition 2000

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