Artist Statement -

1963 1st Prize of contemporary engraving Center of Engraving Geneva Musée d’art et d’Histoire Geneva
1966 Grant of the Swedish state for study at the University of Gothenburg research in the textil in Op art
1969 USA Gould corporation 1st prize for the realization of a Op art sculpture
1970 2 nd prize for a textile work - electro-acoustic, University of Gothenburg
1971 1 st prize for a textile work - electro-acoustic, Röhsska Museum Gothenburg
1985 Italiy Centro Studi e Ricerche delle Nazioni World Culture Award Statue of Victory 1985
1985 Centro Studi e Ricerche l’Accademia d’Europa Diploma of Appointment of Academician of Europe for its cultural and professional activity
1986 Diploma European Schowmen’s Union For his sincere efforts on behalf of the European Showmen’s Union we hereby extend our special appreciation to. Bruxelles IV73
1987 Diploma of nomination Golden Elephant for the merits that he acquired to the cause of the circus Schweizer National Circus Gebrüder Knie Rapperswil
1998 Installation Award Certificate of Merit Research in Op art Angel Orensanz Foundation, Center for the arts, New York
2000 Aim for Arts, International juried exhibition, celebrating artistic achievement Federation of Canadian artists 1380 oeuvres, 933 artistes de 33 pays Living in New York gouache and collage received a prize. Exhibition Vancouver.
2019 USA 30th international Artavita contest Award Certificate of Excellence
2019 USA Circle Foundation for the Arts Award for «  Wormhole «  silkscreen
2019 USA Art Room Gallery  Award « Artifact «  Excellent artwork 2019 Italy International Art Award, Tribute to Mona Lisa
Awarded to the Master Youri Messen-Jaschin
Lecce Teatro Apollo 18.12.2019
By the Italian Academy of Sciences and Arts Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo Popular University of Milan 2019
2020 Italy Academy Master Emeritus art Award Biennale Internazionale d’arte Contemporaneo By the Italian Academy of Sciences and Arts Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo, Mesagne
2021 Italy, Accademia arte d’Italia, Biennale Mesagne, Award 2021, 60 years research in Op art
2021 Research grant from the Canton of Vaud Switzerland

From 1958 - 1962 his artistic studies lead him to the higher national school of fine arts student of Professor Arno Roberto Cami and to the Practical school of the Sorbonne, division of social sciences history of art, Professor Pierre Francastel in Paris.
From 1962 until 1965, he went to the School of fine arts in Lausanne. He worked with the engraver and painter Ernest Pizzotti. « Expo of Lausanne » in 1964 with his kinetic glass and acrylic sculptures. He worked two years at the “Center of contemporary engraving” in Geneva. Then, he worked in Zurich, where he broadened his pictorial perspective with the painter Friederich Kuhn thru experience of the circle in the face. From 1968 until 1971, he acted at the University of Högskolan för design Konsthantwerk in Göteborg, where he created researches of textile kinetic objects. In 1967, he met at an exhibition in Göteborgs Konsthall Jesús - Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez and Julio Le Parc. Speaking with these artists, he discovered to be fascinated by optical art. He decided to devote all his research to kinetic art. An extended stay in Göteborg gave him the opportunity to constantly evolve in movement and geometric shapes, integrating them in his textiles and
oil paintings. His research in optical art had a significant impact in this area in Scandinavia.
In 1968, Youri received the first prize for the Swiss contemporary engraving art. The same year, he got a scholarship from the Swedish government. In the 1970s, he stayed in Hamburg where he continued to work with artists from northern Germany, collaborating with him on different monumental projects. In 1970, he created a kinetic sculpture for Gould in Eistetten, near the Black Forest in Germany.
He took up residence in Bern from 1971 to 1981. His various stays abroad allowed each time to establish a link with artists working in the same artistic movement. Architecture plays an important role in his paintings and sculptures, the search for movement Op Art kinetic art in architectural space is a whole, and he could talk about it with Oscar Niemeyer, Burle Marx, in Rio de Janeiro, Otake in Sao Paolo in Brazil, and Clorindo Testa in Buenos Aires. He stayed in Caracas at the end of his trip, where he staged theatre and choreography of his own works which are presented at the Ateneo of Caracas and the “ VIth Festival Internacional de Teatro“, Fundacion Eugenio Mendoza, Asociación cultural Humboldt Goethe-Institut and the Alliance Française.
He participated in many international exhibitions and got awards from research in optical art in Italy and USA. His works are in private collections, in national and international museums.
He also had the privilege to sell his unique tapestry in the style of Pop art “More Light”. He was enthusiastic about the use of color in this art style. The Contemporary Art Museum Migros in Zurich was interested in this work. This tapestry was made
In the 1970s in his loft in Zollikofen near Bern in Switzerland. This tapestry belongs to the collection of Migros Vaud Switzerland.
After a stay of several months in New York, he returned to Switzerland where he took up residence in Bern, where he lived for eleven years. During his stay, he frequently exhibited at the Kunsthalle and other local museums.
He created for the Swiss Post, 3 stamps in optical art in 2010. Museums focus on his work Kunsthaus Zurich, Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich, Cabinet des Estampes in Geneva and abroad, the Royal Museum of fine arts in Brussels. The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Popa Museum in Porrentruy as well as other museums and private collectors in the United States, Japan and Europe buy his kinetic works to complete their collections.

Works represented in museums and foundations
1960 Bibliothèque cantonale de Lausanne
1960 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
1967-1968 Centre de Gravure contemporaine Geneva
1967-1968 Cabinet des Estampes Geneva
1969 Röhsska Museet Gothenburg
1971 Gould corporation near the Black Forest in Germany
1973 Musée des Beaux-Arts Print Cabinet Le Locle
1974 EPFZ Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Cabinet print Zurich
1974 Bibliothèque Nationale Suisse Print Cabinet Bern
1974 Kunsthaus Zürich
1976 Musée dArt et dHistoire Print Cabinet Fribourg
1976 Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Albert 1er Print Cabinet Bruxelles
1978-1998 Musée dArt Contemporain Montréal, Canada
1979 Foundation Philip Morris New York
1983 Fundación Mendoza Caracas
1983 Fundación Interalumin Ciudad Guayana, Venuezela
1996 Donation de Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund de la tapisserie « More light » à Migros Vaud, Écublens
1998 Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts New York
2000 CIAC Centro Internazionale per l’Arte Contemporaneo, Genazzano, Roma
2002 Paper Museum Kochi-Ken, Japan.
2007 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Japan.
2007 Sakima Art Museum Préfecture dOkinawa, Japan.
2010 Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca Mexico
2017 - 2021 POPA Op art Museum Porrentruy, Switzerland

1963 Switzerland study grant Center of Engraving Geneva
1968 Sweden state Scholarship grant University of Högskolan för design Konsthantwerk in Gothenburg
2021Switzerland Canton de Vaud, research grant Brain project - Op art meet the Neurosciences
2021 Switzerland Lausanne Artistic Research and Development Grant, Canton Vaud

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Artist Exhibitions

1959 Kunstmarkt Assen, Nederland
1960 Galerie La Palette Paris,
1960 Atelier-Theater Bern,
1960 Galeria 2000 Milano
1960 Galeria del Nociolo Lugano,
1963 Galerie St.Gill Paris,
1964 Vieux Bourg Lausanne,
1964 Konstgalerie Stockholm,
1964 Centre de la Gravure contemporaine Geneva,
1964 Kunstuniversit�tsgalerie Gothenburg,
1964 Studentf�reningen Gallery Gothenburg,
1964 Galerie Migros Geneva
1964 Expos 64 Lausanne,Swiss National Exhibitions
1965 Atelier-Theater Bern
1965 Galerie Club Geneva
1965 Galerie la Toile dAraign�e Chardonne-sur-Vevey,
1966 Modern Nordisk Konst Karlstadt, Sweden
1966 Quinzaine Culturel Orbe Centre de Jeunesse Orbe,
1966 Galerie Club Neuch�tel,
1966 Galerie du Vieux-Bourg, Lausanne,
1966 Galeria 55 Milano
1966 Galeria del N�cciolo, Lugano,
196667 Galerie St.Gill Paris,
1967 International Kunstmesse Emmelord, Nederland
1967 Modern Nordisk Konst Gothenburg,
1967 Atelier-Theater Bern,
1968 Mus�e Rath Geneva, Switzerland Artist from Geneva
1969 Mus�e dArt et dHistoire 1er Salon Suisse de la Gravure contemporaine First Swiss Salon of Contemporary Engraving Geneva,
1970 Saipa SA Lugano,
1970 Restaurant Eichhalde Freiburg,
1970 Gould Gmbh Freiburg,
1970 V.Biennale de la Tapisserie Lausanne,
1970 Kunsthalle Gothenburg,
1970 EXPO-FORM 70 R�hsska Museet Gothenburg,
1970 Franskacenter Gothenburg,
1971 Galerie Migros Lausanne,
1971 Aktiongalerie II Bern, Performance Trickfilm uns Jazz
1971 Foundation Gould corporation GMBH Freiburg in Breisgau,
1971 Elektronica Munich,
1971 Gewerbemuseum Bern,Artist from Bern
1972 Aktiongalerie II Bern, Idols
1972 Katakombe Basel, Idols
1972 B�ndner Kunsthaus Chur, Idols
1972 Kunstkeller Bern,
1973 Mustermesse Basel,
1973 Gewerbemuseum Bern,Artist from Bern, Grant Aeschlimann
1973 Salon des Antiquaires Lausanne,
1974 Aktiongalerie I Bern,
197374 Kunsthalle Bern, SArtist from Bern
1974 3�me Biennale Internationale des Arts Third International Biennal Exhibitions of Arts Menton,
1974 1er Salon International de lArchitecture dint�rieur Geneva,
1974 Aktiongalerie I Bern,
1974 Cultural week Moutier,
1974 Galerie Club, Lausanne
1974 Kunstmuseum Luzern,Grant Kiefer-Hablitzel
1974 Galerie Bertram Burgdorf,Weihnachtssaustellung
197475 Kunsthalle Berne, Artist from Bern
1975 Aktionsgalerie I Bern,
1975 Gewerbemuseum Bern, Artist from Bern
1975 2�me Salon International de larchitecture dint�rieur Geneva,
1975 Leuebr�ggli Langenthal,
1975 Kunstsammlung und Schadau-Museum Thun, Artist from Bern
1975 Gewerbemuseum Bern, Artist from Bern
1975 2�me Biennale de lHumour et du Satire Gabrovo, Bulgaria
197576 Kunsthalle Bern, Artist from Bern
1976 Mus�e des Beaux-Arts Le Locle,
1976 Mostra nazionale de sculptura Vira-Gambarogno,
1977 Fondation le Grand Cachot, Cachot 4 Artists
1977 Kunsthalle Textile,Glas, Wood, Stone, Steel Bern,
1977 Aktionsgalerie I Bern, Sofortbild Polaroid
1977 Mus�e dArt et dHistoire Fribourg,
1978 4�me Biennale International des Arts Fourth International Biennal Exhibitions of Arts Menton,
1978 Gewerbemuseum Bern, Artist from Bern
1978 Sculpture en Libert� Nyon,
1978 Galerie Henry Meyer Lausanne,
1978 Galerie Wallgraben Theater, Freiburh in Breisgau
1979 Atelier Urs Gerber SpiezKunst-Gesellschaft Spiez,
1979 Galerie Wallgraben Freiburg in Breisgau,
1979 3�me Biennale de la sculpture acrylique Konstanz,
1980 Gewerbemuseum Bern, Artist from Bern
1981 Ciolina Bern,
1983 Arte como Laser Fundacion Mendoza Caracas,
1990 Computer 90 Lausanne,
1990 Swissdata Mustermesse Basel,
1994 Walgraben M�nster,
1994 First International Art competition New York,
1995 Second International Art competition New York,
1997 Galerie Club Lausanne,
1997 Soci�t� de Banque Suisse Renens,
1997 Galerie Humus Lausanne,
1998 II. Installation Art AwardAngel Orensanz FoundationCenter for the Arts, New York
1998 Galerie Bertram Burgdorf,
2000 An International Competition Celebrating Artistic AchievmentAIM Funds Management The Federation of Canadian Artists Vancouver
2000 World festival of art on paper Kranj, Slovenia
200001 Plastique Mus�e Arlaud Lausanne, Visarte �Vertigo I�
2000 Premio Internazionale di Scultura Terzo Millennio LAngelicum Milano,
2001 Premio Internazionale di Scultura Terzo Millennio Palazzo Bonoris Brescia,
2001 3rd. Annual International art exhibition V�xj�.
2003 I. Biennale dArte Contemporanea, Brasini Halls of the � Il
Vittoriano�, Roma,
2006 Street promenade Lausanne Visarte , 60 interventions artistiques au coeur de laffiche urbain
2006 - 2007 Lipanjepuntin arte contemporanea � Via di Montoro 10 Campo de� fiori � Rome Group exhibition
2007 Mus�e de lElys�e �Tous photographes� Lausanne
2007 International Print Exhibition Tokyo 2007 Metropolitan Art Museum Tokyo
2012 Mise � Sac Visarte Villa Dutoit Petit Saconnex-Geneva Switzerland
2013 Galerie du Ch�teau Renens - Lausanne Switzerland
2013 Permanent Exhibition University Hospital CHUV - Laboratory of Neurosciences Lausanne Switzerland
2013 Am Interartmania Ltd. Art Contemporain - Lausanne Switzerland
2015 Pasche Paudex
2016 6th Lessedra International Painting Mixed media Competition Bulgaria
2016 Television Chanel 1 - Moscow - Russia
2017 Opening 31 October – 16 December 2017 Bern Galerie Kornfeld Atelier für Siebdruck Lorenz Boegli zu Gast collective exhibition
2018 Opening 20 April – 21 May 2018 Porrentruy – Switzerland PoPA Museum Optical art Museum Youri Messen-Jaschin
2018 Rencontres à Rossinière 30 artistes work on wood Rossinière Switzerland
2019 Galerie du Château, Renens Switzerland
2020 Biennale internationale d’arte Contemporary, Mesagne Italy...

Artist Publications

Book catalog
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Press on the Web
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Artist Collections

1960 Biblioth�que Cantonale Lausanne, Switzerland
1960 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Nederland
1967-1968 Cabinet des Estampes Geneva, Switzerland
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1976 Mus�es Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Albert 1er Bruxelle, Belgium
1977-1980 Collection Mr.J.Bouix Bern, Switzerland
1978-1981 Collection Mrs.J.Etter Bern, Switzerland
1979 Foundation le Cachot, Cachot Switzerland
1979 Foundation Philip Morris New-York, USA
1981 Collection Mrs.M.Bengolea Buenos Aires, Argentina
1981 Collection Mrs.D.Fons�ca Natal, Bresil
1983 Fundaci�n Mendoza Caracas, Venezuela
1983 Fundaci�n Interalumin Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela
1996 Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund of the Tapestry � MORE LIGHT � to Migros Vaud, Ecublens Switzerland
1997-2001 Doctor D.Chappuis Paudex, Switzerland
1998 Mr,Mrs.Cebrian AlteaAlicante Espagne
1998 Doctor P.Pasche Lausanne, Switzerland
1998 Angel Orensanz Foundation Permanent Collection New York, USA
1999-2001 Mr.Pfister Bern, Switzerland
2000 Mrs.Pfister Lausanne, Switzerland
2002 Paper Museum Kochi-Ken, Japan
2000-2002 Famille Dussault Ottawa Montreal, Canada
2007 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
2007 Sakima Art Museum Okinawe Prefecture, Japan
2017 - 2018
POPA Museum Op art Museum Porrentruy Switzerland...

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