Photograph of Artist SIMON BRICE
Basingstoke, Hampshire - United Kingdom

Original Artworks (1)

Simon Brice; The Magic Mushroom, 2018, Original Other, 300 x 500 mm. Artwork description: 241 This lamp is created from an antique brass bowl and vase. I hand marked multiple geometric patterns using engineering tools and mathematics to then drill hundreds. . . maybe thousands, of various sized holes. The lamp consists of two bulbs. One at the base and one in the shade. ...
Simon Brice
Original Undefined Medium, 2018
300 x 500 mm ( x )
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Artist Statement

I am in love with raw metals. A natural finish, weathered or worked, can be the most beautiful sight. I aim to inspire new thoughts and feelings toward what may be looked at as scrap metal. I love to repurpose scrap metal objects and give them a new lease of life whilst retaining the historic integrity. ...

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