Artist Statement -

My work creates a juxtaposition of dreams, realities and sensations, fleeting moments from life inspired by my own experiences. I explore a sense of empathy for existing across different places and times, examining personal sensations of deja-vu, while moving through times, locations, and states of being, without a fixed linear chronology.

Images often develop out of quick sketches, inspired by many things such as a dream, a feeling, something suddenly remembered, a song, or a particular experience. I work with a diverse range of materials, enjoying experimenting with different art media (collage, drawing, painting and printmaking). Sometimes great surprises and discoveries come from working in an alternative medium.

My photography explores past events, experiences the present, and contemplates the future. The camera records, as a sketchbook, the essence of ideas, and the nuances of existence. Pathways are revealed in landscapes and faces that lead the explorer towards discoveries.I am fascinated by the area of shared experience and empathy between the photographer and his model. The creation of the image is a collaborative event, which extends beyond the moment to include the viewer within this collective process.

Artist Exhibitions

SEAS Winter Open Studios and Art Trail 2012
Artists in Walmer, Deal, Hacklinge and Eastry invite you to visit their studios.
24th and 25th November
Studio opening times 11-6pm
Free entry to all studios.

Click the link below to view the website and download a copy of the brochure:

South East Artists (SEAS) are holding two Festive Arts and Crafts Fairs this November.
The first takes place in St. George's Hall, Deal, Kent on Friday 2nd November from 2.30 until 6pm, then again on Saturday 3rd November from until 4.30pm.

The second fair takes place at Ringwould Village Hall, Ringwould, Kent on Saturday November 17th from 10am until 4.30pm and on Sunday 18th November from 10am until 4pm.
Entry is totally free to both events, and refreshments will be available

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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