Artist Statement -

My work follows a creative process that could be placed in the psychedelic-visionary realm of art, that is, work in which I seek to portray visions that arise from non-ordinary states of consciousness be it through meditation techniques, such as Kundalini Yoga and Rosicrucianism; pathologically, like the scintillating scotoma of the migraine aura I have been experiencing since I was 11 years old, and the use of psychoactive substances − similar to the sacred Amazonian Ayahuasca brew; but also spontaneously.

After experiencing these non-ordinary states of consciousness I try to make some sketches so I will not forget the visions (like I do my dreams). Later, I put that on canvas and start working using a mixed technique that includes acrylic, egg tempera, and oil paint on colored glazes.

This creative process is quite old. I have always been impressed by symbolist, surrealistic, psychedelic paintings, themes that are part of a world that is not the stuff of ordinary, everyday life, but which are instead part of this much larger and mysterious dimension of the human unconscious.

My work seeks to communicate with this secret side of the human mind that is also potentially present in the observer; this exchange interests me greatly.

I imagine my work getting deeper into this personal search for visions. The more you open up to them, the more they gently open up to you.

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