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In his photographic creativity Milan Hristev deliberately avoide human images and body shapes,even those with insignified storyline.His methods and the way to present the captured “conversations” shared between the current and a variable moments are almost programmatically focused showing simultaneously the visual sensibility of his perception, The dialogue for traditional way of life and its values unobtrusively remindes of need for historical continue.
Hristev have his own typical style complying multiplanned ,unambiguous fragments of real objects which comes to expression inherent from postmodern photographic art.The hidden messages in his work are open minded and instigates unlimited points of views.He enables each viewer to find individual semantic decoding.
Observing the deep fragmentation of abandoned or temporarily exempted from the presence of people objects , we can easily “involve in conversations “with the human spirit, civilization, and ourself.Hristev’s magical presentation is pushing the viewer to other visual and mental dimensions.He is not capturing specific and exact partitions off the surroundings but he uses these as a base to creates images of non – existing dreams and notions.
Milan Hristev successfully uses his talent to endue his art with the remarkable magic of the constant interweaving of reality and vision of the theatrical reading of the “common masterpieces”, neglected in the course of the daily life.

Alesh Hradlichka
art critic


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