Artist Statement -

Through life struggle I was able to understand the profound meaning of my surrounding. Each experienced take me to a different level of awareness and a vision with wiser perspective.
Art was a mean for me to coped with all the hardship and struggle in my life, each time i pickup a paint brush i went in to a trend that take me deep down to the cord of my spirituality until i feel my hand was guided by a super being, at this stage i found my sense of security. The process of creating is like a journey to discover a new self and a new world. I like to provoked the deep sense of my emotion where i can create mood that give me the excitement and energy in the process. to me, I found that black and white visually give me a pure sense of reality and raw emotion like a documentary told the story the way it is. with just a simple medium such as black charcoal, ink and acrylic to convey an idea on to a canvas through light and shadow, form and composition to form a visually excitement finish piece of art work.

Artist Exhibitions

Two man show, at Wayne art center, PA 1988
One man show Brynmar College, PA 1989
Group show Bucknell University, PA 1989
Group show, Eastern College, PA 1989
One man show Lutheran Publishing Gallery, PA 1989
Art auction & show, Mainline art center, PA 1989
One man show, Second Street Art Gallery, Old city, PA 1989
Group show, Hans Art Galley, PA 1989
Group show Woodmere Art museum, PA 1995
2 man show, Lenox China Art Gallery, PA 1997
3 man show, University of Pennsylvania, PA 1997
Trump Castle Gallery, AC 1997
Group show Artforms Gallery, PA 2001
Group show, Xamien Art Gallery, Quanzhou China 2003
2 man show, Buddhist study Institute, PA 2004

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Strathmore paper company, NY.
Reader digest Magazine Inc. NY.
Philadelphia Magazine, PA
Jewish Exponent, PA
Philadelphia Attorney Club, PA.
Lenox China, PA.
Trump Castle Casino, AC, NJ.
Lower Merion High, PA.
Eastland Group Inc. PA
Triple A Textile, PA.
Vietnam Palace Restaurant, PA
PA Governor’s Office, PA
Devon art Gallery, PA


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