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I think I am probably constrained by artists , both dead and alive , who show strong narrative in their work. I think its natural to evolve out of design into that venue. The repitition of line on the landscape since the beginning of the industrial revolution and up untill and through the 20th century makes it imperative to do so . Is it any wonder that the abstract expressionists came mostly from an urban setting? The art that is presently in my portfolio in my opinion would probably fit into the arts and craft period that followed impressionism . What I think doesn't reflect where I've been and what I achieved in life . My art reflects what i think ...... and yea it's fragmented . Its biographical as well .
I don't have a picture of myself or other personal information in this portfolio . What has what I look like, my location or temporal journey on this planet , or my achievements in life got to do with the statements I make in my art ? Those statements will still be there after im dead. Was he rich ? Was he poor ? Was he pretty ? Don't they collect that information after the artist is dead ? I do my art so I can find out where I was when I come back in the next life . I don't feel like I need approval or disapproval or a consensus for that . Am I a smart guy ? Did I get a good part in life ? I think so ! Is this narcissistic ? Absolutely- and probably a bit vain ! Artist's have a lot on their table , if their not hiding under it !
Hieronymous Bosch ,Peter Breugel the elder and Albrecht Durer are big influences . They're echoes of what some term humanism compiled over some 2000 years plus . They gave or reflected what was in nature for northern Europeans - an image as well as a viable design in both aesthetics and work ethics. It hints at a hierarchy. Its been suggested that their art is the Kraft of western civilization . A buddist concept might term their art the ' eye consciousness ' of western civilization , which when one observes nature one would find himself agreeing with . They have my attention!
Other influence are Eugene Delacroix and Richard Dadd .

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