Artist Statement -

Photography spoke to me as an art form when I took a basic photography class while working toward a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting. I liked the endless possibilities of technique that are available when capturing light images. I changed my emphasis to photography and started to explore basic black and white images. I explored alternative processes such as posterization with internegs and color filter packs and liquid emulsion on handmade surfaces. For as long as I can remember I've loved looking at the sky - day and night. My location and my love for clouds led me to try my vision of sunset and storm images. The play of light and shadow from the clouds racing across the sky are a challenge to capture in a way no one's seen before.

Artist Exhibitions

Search for the Ultimate Image of Earth sponsored by Earthday, 2000, first round finalists, Magic Valley Sunset

Modern Day Masters Gallery, D. A. Baranski & Co., 2001...

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Artist Collections

Susan Winston, Norcross, GA
Karen Olson, St. Petersburg, FL
Paul Johnson, Alma, NE
Midwest Bank, Seward, NE
Eric & Corie Layton, Traverse City, MI...

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