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Artistic statement
Like a film fragment standing daily before our eyes, a film where we feel being at the same time viewers and actors, Albania of the years 2000 is obsessed by a consumerist fever, from the beginning of another system of references, which nevertheless, unable to substitute entirely the old one and matching everyday with him, is aiming to reach a much dreamed Eldorado.
We experience around us a strong loging for consume, a loging which gradually is transforming our psyche and our system of values, but that nevertheless hasn’t been able to reach the essence of what is original, “exotic”, interesting and sincere. These are moments that I see everyday, people that I know, people living the everyday poetic and prosaic moments of existence, people anonymous and real in the capitalist Albania of the years 2000.
We participate in this fairytale since fifteen years, with absurd scenes, tragicomic, kind and painful, grotesques and unique, which at the same time are the features of the new Albanian identity of these last years. Witnessing everyday this transformation is difficult not to be stimulated by these signals which are found everywhere, you can’t keep yourself by turning the head to see curiously and with sympathy this country, which is rushing toward a fundamental change of his way of life that in these years of transition, contains a heterogenous intertwriting of what it was and what it will be in the future. Transforming the brush in camera, focusing a moment almost “occasional”, of a objectivity which doesn’t conceal the sympathy, creating by purpose the feeling that this game will continue endlessly in every place and that these people could very well be substituted by others, I hope to convey the sympathy, the cognation, but also the co-authorship of the viewers, which like me will feel part of this fairy-tale.

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