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In retrospect, these images depict my desires. They seem to fly and float at the same time. They are dynamic yet uncannily calm. They are imaginative worlds of their own that bring to mind human ideals of cooperation, harmony and balance, maybe with a touch of danger. Each one is a chorus of color, a micro-macro view, an all-encompassing moment of raw sensuous beauty.

The parent image of each digital painting is a high-resolution photograph of a well-structured chromatically cohesive paper collage I call a photage. This photo morphs into a digital painting through meticulous photographic processing involving visual aesthetic experimentation, choice, recognition and restraint.

Each work of art is an authentic archival limited-edition digital painting by Marlene Struss printed by Luminare Fine Art Printing on Moab Anasazi acid-free canvas using archival pigmented inks.


In these paintings you will be able to see how I have successfully combined and transferred many of the techniques, such as layering, masking, and overglazing, developed in the previous work and how my imagery continues to suggest complicated organic totalities, orchestrations, or symbiotic systems, with lively fluidity through staggered time, stratums of depth, and space.

For me painting is absorbing, engaging play. It is exhilarating exploration of the effects of paint of varying viscosities applied or removed with unusual tools and forces to discover colors, textures, lines, shadows and illusions that all work together. My process emulates the game of life where the future is unpredictable and the past never completely disappears. Free of preconception and depending on my inclinations, I start with a loose application of color on a supine panel. The next layer or application of color is an esthetic response to the first, and so on, until I get excited about what I see. The image comes more under my control as I thoughtfully approach the decision to stop.

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