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Oshkosh, Wisconsin - United States

Personal Photo of Marie Drews, Artist 130 x 171

Member since:January 2008
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Artist Statement:
Windows Facing Unspoken Narratives A majority of my paintings are about characters. In that way they're similar to my writing. When I write, it makes no difference whether when I'm plugging away at one of my novels or composing a poem, in one way or another, it's all character driven. My paintings have that same intuition. I strive to create a pictoral representation of a scene in a silent story. That painted ...
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Marie Drews Artist Biography
Gender Female
Status not provided
Children Not Provided
Religion Christian
Education Bachelor of Fine Arts
Hobbies / Interests Travel, Cinema, Fantasy, Poetry, Rennaisance Festivals, Glassware, Sewing, Oils, Watercolors, Pen & Ink, Folk Music, Rollerskating, Randomly Singing & Dancing, & Adventure
Favorite Artistic Medium Painting Oil
Favorite Arthistory Movement Art Nouveau - (1880 - 1910)
Favorite Visual Artist Alphonse Mucha
Favorite Work of Art Salon des Cent
Biggest Artistic Inspiration Michelangelo.
Why Did You Become An Artist How could I become, what I always have been. Art flows through my veins. My red cells are painting, my white cells are writing. I am the sparks of creativity caught in human form. Every breath stirrs me to paint, write, sew, decorate. Heaven is a kiltzed pannel, my brushes, and a tube of cobalt blue oil paint.
Your Personal Biography A myriad of artists have been inspired to create through multiple medias, whether poetry or painting, prose or musical composition. Various muses whisper songs into the ears of creative beings, who listen intently with open minds and translative hands, posed in constant intuitive scrawling. I am one of them. I author poems and stories as well as producing artwork. Each of my creative outlets has a dissimilar effect on my emotions. I write to free myself of the chains of depression, to transport myself to a place of my choosing. I write through the dark days. Painting is different. I paint because I want to speak, because I long to be nearer to something greater¡ªmy brushstrokes remind me of my link to The Almighty Creator.

For as long as I can remember, I have been sketching characters and admiring sunsets. But my serious interest in art began freshman year of high school, in World History. This was my first introduction to the great masters. The ¡°Fantastic Four¡± of the Renaissance became my new heroes, striking me with inspiration. Driven by the detail and refinement their style, I raided the school library, pulling out what few art books were availible. Behind the small mountain of oversized tomes, I discovered a painting by Jean-Marc Nattier-'Portrait of the Marquise d'Antin,' 1738, and began rendering. Little did I know it would be my destiny.

Now painting is so much a part of meşuit's like breathing. I create and don't realize I've been doing it. I start to feel like I've gone for days without painting, but then I look down at my table and there are two finished watercolors and three in progress oil paintings.

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