Artist Statement -

A life in Art
Painting for me is an expression, not of reality, but of a personal experience.
Everyone has a "child within" and by expressing these feelings I can communicate more easily through my art. I find detail unimportant and express myself with bold statements, use of primary colours and paint rhythms. My leading thought is that of growth, maturity and decay. It sometimes takes courage to let go of the usual techniques and open your eyes to see things differently.

Over the years I have developed different styles and I do not feel bound by any rules. Painting for me creates happiness and I hope I can pass on these positive feelings to others. My paintings are just like my life; a continuous search for alignment and harmony between people and element, body and soul.
My work reflect my inner feelings and is inspired by the abundant colours of other cultures, seen in my extensive travels. Constantly balancing figurative with abstract, I use the 4 elements of water, air, fire and earth in all my paintings.

I began drawing at the age of five, and by twelve I was already under the spell of Vermeer, Van Gogh and Rembrandt.Although I made the early decision to become an artist, I was forced to work to support my family and my time for art studies was limited.

Artist Exhibitions


New York

Koorenhuis Den Haag 04-28 nov
Kunst 10 daagse Bergen/Bergen aan Zee 16-25 okt
Slovakia - Nitra Multipoint International Art Symposium1 9-17 aug
Slovakia - Nitra Gallery UNIVERZUM, University of Constantin the Philosopher 17 aug- 30 sept
Opera Gallery Hongarije/Boedapest EU-expo 9 mei-6 juni
Opera Gallery Hongarije-Boedapest 14-28 march
Cultureel Centrum Warenar Wassenaar 25/2-12/4
Rue des Arts Wassenaar, 23-24 mei

Bergen-Bergen aan Zee 17-26/10
International Art Club Den Haag 29/11-10/01/09
ESTEC Aerospace Noordwijk 7-21 nov
Rue des Arts Wassenaar 14-15/6
Haagsche Kunstkring 5-29 juli

Kunst10Daagse Bergen Netherlands, 19 oct-28 oct
Canon Nederland NV, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, 9 dec.
International Art Club, Wassenaar, Netherlands 10 oct - 12 nov.
Valbonne South of France, 7 sept. - 21 sept.
Hema Wassenaar, Netherlands, 25 aug.
Haagsche Kunstkring, The Hague Netherlands, july/aug

International Art Club The Hague 17 december
NH Hotel (Golden Tulip) Zoetermeer, The Netherlands 9 dec-13 june
American Women's Club Art Gallery The Hague 1/31 march
Siemens Nederland NV The Hague 2-30 april
Cote dAzur France may
Hanley Regatta England june
Haagsche Kunstkring The Hague 15 july-1 aug
Villa Galleria Bergen (NH)july-aug-sept.
Kunst10daagse Bianca's Flowers Bergen/Bergen aan Zee 20-29 oct.
De Warenar Wassenaar, 8 nov. - 3 dec
MERO Visrestaurant Scheveningen, 27 nov. - 27 dec.

Art Fair The Hague 25 june and 2 july
Haagsche Kunstkring The Hague 16 july-2 august
Villa Galleria Bergen aan Zee 7 july-30 sept.
Art Fair Wassenaar 10 sept.
Kunst10daagse Bianca's Flowers Bergen aan Zee 21 oct.-30 oct.
Art in castle England oct.
NH Hotel Zoetermeer 10 dec.-13 june

Leeuwenhorstcongres Center Noordwijkerhout 14 march-11 june
Chambers of Commerce The Hague 3 may-1 june
Haagsche Kunstkring The Hague 2 july-20 july
Art Fair Wassenaar 19 june
Cultureel Centrum Warenar Wassenaar 17 dec.-14 jan.

Ministry of Finance The Hague 3 july-22 aug.
Cultureel Centrum Warenar Wassenaar 17 dec.-14 jan.

Central Library The Hague 7 june-23 aug.
Golden Tulip Hotel Zoetermeer 17 june-17 dec.

Cultureel Centrum Warenar Wassenaar 21 nov. 16 dec.

Gallery Bianca "in de windmill" Wassenaar, 15 jan.-6 febr.
Provinciehuis Zuid Holland The Hague 3 nov.-1 dec.
International Art Club The Hague dec.-jan.

Gallery Bianca "in the monastery" Wassenaar 10 aug.-25 aug....

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Work is represented in several collections of private individuals.
Switserland, USA (California), The Netherlands (The Hague, Rotterdam, Wassenaar and others)...

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