Artist Statement

If, at the end of your life, someone would ask you if you had done something to contribute to the world peace, would you be able to say : “yes, I did?”
I, at least, will be able to say so, that I used all my means possible to do so,
I would be able to say that I have tried, even if I did not succeed…
I have a feeling inside that tells me that I have to do this, even if this brings me being laughed at and sneer...patrick 08/08/2005
*Nautical and Arctic action painting impressions-a new painting series

After a journey of seven times towards the arctic sea world around Island, Svalbard and Norway, it came clear to me that i have to share these rare and exquisite moments in time and place with the world, since i have realized that only a few fortunate people are privileged to see this once in their lives. I have seen it seven times...Moreover, seven is a magical number bringing luck and happiness.

So I am working now on a painting series of this magnificent piece of the earth to share with you all. I hope you will enjoy what you will find here shortly on these pages.

patrick Gysemberg 01/08/05

action painter for a better world

meanwhile I have created a few paintings. The strange thing is that at first there was no sign of "action painting" to it, it was mere figurative, natural painting. Still, I felt again that something was lacking. By adding a touch of action painting to it, they, my paintings, became at once vivid and reacted as if brought alive. I did not create a new style...just accidently I combined two ways of creation and found out that this is indeed working in the end result. I only do hope now that my audience, my viewers think so too! Otherwise I certainly do have a problem.

The value of life is measured by its beauty.
Hey! It is absolutely GREAT it see YOU visiting my website! Several years ago I had my first "artist name cards" printed by a professional printer. I choose to put a "statement" on the card : Life is Art. With this statement I wanted to indicate that life itself is already in all his aspects a form of Art. I just wanted to wake up those people who were/still are soooo busy with every day life that they forget about life itself! They forget to look around, to look at the ones they love...they just forget...till life has passed and no beauty has been seen or found. "Life is Art" means that we CAN make life into Art, if we want to. We can, of course make life into living hell...this everyone knows...the opposite however, one tends to forget or not see at all....thus : " Life is Art " is a guideline, a gentle warning, a soft touching of your cheek, a tender kiss on your forehead, a smile on your lips, a little jump in the sky, a teasing joke on the side; it is for all the truth. Because the web did not have this name free anymore I was "forced" to choose: "MY life is art", as it was the closest to my statement and my idea's. This does not mean that my life IS really Art! No, it is not. But I try to live up to my believes and the harder I do this, as I have noticed, the more things are turning to be all right. Still my life is a quest for the ultimate answer that none of us has found up till now or, if so, no one ever did tell me about it.. Enjoy your stay here. Enjoy your life! You should, you know, cause it 'll always appear too short.
My ability to love life and all human beings who are actually at this moment enriching my existance on this planet, is mostly so intensely activated that it is hurting me like a razorblade cutting my intestines.

Since I started to work with oils, no more than 10 years ago, I have come a long way.
Because I knew I could draw from my early years in childhood, I started to make figurative paintings, but they seem to lack "something". For sure I was not very satisfied with the outcome, with the results.
As my brother asked me to make an abstract painting a few years ago, I started to experiment with all media involved.
And here something wonderful happened : I found out that , every time I started on one of my abstract "oils", I never knew where I nor the painting itself would end. I thus, just let "things" happen. I create, without knowing the outcome. I draw, paint, put together, assemble, use oils and other material, to achieve the endresult. I juse become part of a creative process.
I see/feel a very strong "force" taking over during the act of creation. It guides me through my paintings and leads me to the end result. It is very hard for me to detect when this should be: when I should stop this interactive process between me, my brush, the canvas and the paint. There lies my responsibility as a painter, a creator. I determine the composition because I determine when to stop this creative process. The final composition always is - or should be at least - a token of beauty of something in life that is surrounding us. The outcome has to match my vision of beauty and should at least be a reflection of it. My paintings are vivid, full of life and colour, because this is what or who I am. They are a reflection of my inner self, erupted out of my sub conscience, as a proof of respect for the life we lead, we hold and we treasure.

Artist Exhibitions

Past exhibitions :
2001 City town hall Wommelgem November-December 2001
2002 City town Hall Wommelgem November-December 2002
2002 Town Center Hall Ranst, art exhibiton of local artists weekend 25/04/2002
2003 "Hang Arte" major private exhibition in a huge hangar in Berlaar (Lier) near Antwerp for two weeks.April 25 th till 10th of Mai 2003

From Februari 2004 till the end of june 2004 a major exhibition of all available artpieces were on show in the "Elewijt Hotel and Congress Center" in Elewijt, Belgium, near Brussels and Antwerp.
Februar 2004
modern oils and contemporary mixed media art pieces

July 2004 Marziart Gallery - Hamburg - germany 1 month exhibition one-minute-paintings

December 2004 : finalist of International Art competition " in peace" of the Artrom gallery, rome, Italy

January 2005 : finalist of International Art competition " beyond boundaries" of the Artrom gallery, Rome, Italy

2005 : finalist of International Art competition "totally weird" of the Artrom Gallery, Rome, Italy

from 20-29 Mai 2005 Mylifeisart is selected to participating at the international Art ARAD Biennale in ARAD - Roumenia. cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances - high particiation cost

From Januari 2005 selected to be represented by New York gallery Agora, Soho District. cancellation of this project due to too high expenses.

On tuesday the 26 th of April an action painting artwork will be sold on an auction through Campo and Campo, Grote Steenweg 19-21 Antwerp-Berchem Belgium

27/04/2005 :action painting withheald at 750 Euros. Not sold, Now available at home gallery in Belgium for 3995 USD 3750 Euros

so go ahead and buy this painting for this fixed price or do an offer on my mail address
and support
the Belgian Cancer Funds
"kom op tegen kanker"
they get all the money
this action may bring.

:: action painting to help the Belgian Cancer funds "kom op tegen kanker.

1m-1m-1.40m mixed media on canvas, oils, housepaint, spaghetti, nails, pluggs, paintspray, cord

this painting represents the violence, the dispair, the anger, the desparete feeling, the fear, the lost hope moments, the denial,
of a person going through, after he/she has heard the news of a cancer living in their body. But over the painting, hoizontally and twice vertically, cords are to be seen and added, as a means, a token of hope, of a line to hang on to, a small but powerful positive sign that is present through all those negativism and which leads sometimes to total healing.

Now in search of Gallery for exhibition as soon as possible
please contact + 32- 495- 792336 for arrangements

SEPTEMBER 2006 PORTRAIT ART ACTION IN COOPERATION WITH ALL THE SHOPS OF THE CITY OF HERENTALS BELGIUM CREATING A gallery of excuisite people - who have done something positive in their lives up till now (since they all are still alive) for mankind. starting on the 24TH OF SEPTEMBER THE DAY OF THE CUSTOMER;

invited to participate at the biennale of firenze italia DECEMBER 2007 / 2009 seeking sponsorship

invited to hold a solo exhibition in Montreal Canada 2OO6/2007

applying for sponsorship to execute these invitations
sponsors needed !!!!please call +32495792336 or mail me on

Artist Publications


the end of an era - the ultimate tribute to pollock - my pollock story

one day,
some time ago actually,
I had some terrible dreams during the night
I was about four years old,
the dreams were so heavy and incredibly weird, that I, as a child in time
not knowing anything yet about life and paintings, was really afraid of those dreams
it were dreams of pictures, of weird forms
of strong, very colourful pictures of all possible things, all mixed up and leaving me as a very afraid child behind with my dreams.
I mostly woke up crying
because they kept coming back
over and over again
but I did not dare to tell anyone about these dreams
because no one would believe me,
would they?

only years later, when I was already in the midst of real action painting
I bought a book about painting and painters
my interest was immediately drawn by some pictures of paintings that were so to speak, in the same line, as I was making them
it were Pollock's paintings

I started to read about this man and his life and his paintings
I saw his paintings
I saw his drive
I recognized his way of thinking and aggression towards it all

I saw that he died in 1956
I was made in 1956
and I was born on st Patrick day, in march 1957.
my first name is Patrick
but my parents didn't even know about the existance of st patricksday

I am not trying to insinuate anything here,
I am just stating facts that really happened in my life.
Because they did happen.

Enjoy my paintings

As from now on
I will try to pass through this "pollock" period
and combine all elements I have found in this flabbergasting encounter
with new forms and methods
to go on creating Art, as this is neccessary for me,
on the same level
as breathing is.
patrick gysemberg - action painter for a better world 15/05/2005


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