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Wien, Europe - Austria

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Nada Cakar; Guru The King, 2012, Original Sculpture Mixed, 40 x 65 inches. Artwork description: 241  Don't you dare to have other Gurus other than me. I am your salvation. Just surrender, switch off thinking, hand over your soul to me and let me lead you. ...
Nada Cakar
Original Mixed Media Sculpture, 2012
40 x 65 inches (101.6 x 165.1 cm)
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Artist Statement

I don't understand contemporary art. This is a statement I am often being told after responding to the question what I do for living.Scholastic environment teaches that we want to understand everything. But is art supposed to be understood? I doubt it.Quite some time ago artists have ceased to use explicit forms and copy the nature of human bodies and the nature.Science has taken over to explain the nature of all things. Still the majority of art observers raise their demand for understanding.Looking at artifacts...