Artist Statement -

In my works I combine depth and vibrancy of colour with the symbolic appearance of objects and shapes.

I am looking to represent the shape of the senses – smell, touch, taste, sound – what they look like, what colours, and what textures. From a chaotic mixture of colours I bring out my objects – existing, as fruit, vase and fish, or imaginary as dwarfs from the fairytales, different characters and happy strangers. I often like to leave them unfinished, and they are not always logically related. Working this way I aim to bring out the inner nature of things, their presence indirectly, as it is in our dreams, subconscious ness, or memory. I like provoking the viewer’s imagination. I aim to create a parallel world of things that not only belong to the reality, but also appear in a highly metaphorical and suggestive manner.

My obsession is the colours at the first place. I have been working mainly with worm, bright and vibrant colours to achieve positive and sometimes cheerful moods as well as the impression of depth. I blend my colours as well as working in contrasts. I rub on to the canvas clean and transparent colours, I scrape them in, or combine a mass of media, which creates a rhythm on the work’s surface as it is in nature. I have admired and memorised the richness of the surfaces in nature, the charm of the rough texture of the bark of trees next to the sharpness of the grass, the sand next to the water. My canvases repeat the walk through narrow paths towards a greater space.

For me painting is an act of enjoyment. I am searching as a final result to create a symbolic semi abstract symphony, which invites the viewer to enjoy the image, to be able to read the images as one would enjoy reading poetry.

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