Artist Statement -

Cubic Bubble

Where the constellations replace watches,
and where the moon replaces the sun
There is a bare universe
Simply, like always with the spheres I notice
The earnest cube I know is filled by the nature of the sphere
The inside of a cube is supposed to be filled completely
by the sphere
So where dose the sphere and the cube meet?
And who am I?


Metronome that keeps ticking away constant tempo
Tempo began to compose time
Time executed recognition of space
Space and time created the soul
Metronome fixture now within the brain with the primitive tempo
A tempo of the golden age
And ticking something away


Memory of the tree remains in a reddish core of a stamp
White part of wood surrounds this core
And, human being is the same stated above too
Young human being lived in the world of a creation and fantasy
A child views something vaguely
This child is creating his world in an instant in the dazzling world
There is a part tinged with ting of red to a core of adults too

Artist Exhibitions

Exhibition in Bangkok

Palette 2000
Flower-Flower 2001
Growth 2002
Cubic bubble 2004
Metronome 2006
Thailand & Japan BRIDGE-2007 ...

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