Artist Statement -

Artists draw inspiration from all aspects of life. Whenever I am asked how I come up with my creations, I am reminded of the first piece I ever made. I was on a trip to Lake Superior’s North Shore to go hunting for agates, see some friends, and take some photos of the landscape. Sitting on the rocky shore line, a horse fly decided to interrupt my agate picking and started biting at my ankles. After trying to ignore it for a few minutes, I was forced to walk into the cold water until it had completely covered my legs. The fly finally gave up and flew away, and I looked into the crystal-clear water and saw a great photo opportunity. I saw a great shot of a beam of light shining on the rocks and was hit with an idea. What if I combined this picture with some of the actual rocks Ever since then I’ve created various framed art pieces using materials that help bring life to my photographs, such as rocks, driftwood, flowers and finally stain glass. I’ll never forget how spontaneous and lucky the moment with the fly was and with each future piece I hope to use each new and unique experience to make something new.

Artist Exhibitions

Permanent Display Locations
• Breakaway Art Gallary, Hastings MN October, 2015 to current.
• American Portfolio Mortgage in down town Saint Paul 2014 to spring 2016.
• Love From Minnesota, Roseville location from 2014 to current.
• Bergmann’s Nursery, Stillwater MN from 2008 to current.
• Laurel Florist, Saint Paul, MN November 2009 consignment to May 2010.
• Lake Elmo Regional Art Center, Lake Elmo, MN 2005-2009
• Dragonfly Gallery, Riverview, FL 2007-2009 still on website
• til 2012
• Color of Art formally LA Gallery member since 2007-2013
• Very Berry Gallery 2007-2009
• Member of MN Artists 2004
Past Shows
• Ad Hoc art gallery June-Sept 2012
• Art Fete’, Burnsville, MN April-May 2010.
• Silver wood Park, St. Anthony, MN “water” show, February – March 2010
• Bethesda Hospital, Saint Paul, MN Aug. 2008
• Solo display Pizza Luce’, Saint Paul, MN Oct. 2007
• Solo display Pizza Luce’, MPLS Aug. 2007
• Solo display Taste of Scandinavia both Little Canada May 2006 and North Oaks July 2006 locations
• Displayed online at for the month of March 2006, in archives for 1 year
• Solo show At Harriet Alexander Nature Center, Roseville, MN Feb. 2006
• The White Bear Art Gallery, WBL for 2005
• Displayed at the Chocolate Spoon for the month of Mar. 2005

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

All of my artwork is original but I do re make them as I sell them to private collectors.
Red Wood- multiple private collectors Minnesota ad Wisconsin
Hazy Harvest- multiple private collectors - Minnesota and Wisconsin
Eruption- multiple private collectors- Minnesota and Wisconsin
Pinecones- multiple private collectors- Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois
Frosted Tree- multiple private collectors- Minnesota, Wisconsin and New York
Fallen Birch- multiple private collectors- Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and East coast
Green- multiple private collectors- Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois


Artist Favorites

Farzin Vahid, , , Original Woodworking, size_width{fisherman-1482302147.jpg} X
Original Woodworking, 2016
20 x 30 x 5 inches (35.6 x 40.6)
United States
Max Tolentino, , , Original Sculpture Wood, size_width{jk-1482342197.jpg} X
Original Wood Sculpture, 2016
34 x 41 x 18 cm (35.6 x 40.6)
United States
Jerry Monteith, , , Original Sculpture Wood, size_width{Mince-1576872730.jpg} X
Original Wood Sculpture, 1995
70 x 30 x 7 inches (35.6 x 40.6)
United States
Temo Svirely, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{windows-1553701679.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2013
180 x 75 cm (35.6 x 40.6)
United States
Kees Van Eyck, , , Original Painting Acrylic, size_width{sri_Tibet-1483775511.jpg} X
Original Acrylic Painting, 1998
178 x 95 x 5 inches (35.6 x 40.6)
United States
Jim Lively, , , Original Painting Acrylic, size_width{a_fresh_start-1483717499.jpg} X
Original Acrylic Painting, 2017
26 x 56 x 2 inches (35.6 x 40.6)
United States

Personal Favorites

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