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Nicole Pereira is a young rising artist who started producing artwork at the young age of 4. Nicole noticed that she had a gift for art when her artwork was selected in her local public school and community art competitions. The local press also started raving about Nicoles work.
With encouragement from her family and friends, Nicole now devotes all of her free time to paint abstract portraits that express her feelings and emotions. Originally, she started drawing realistic portraits of individuals and celebrities, but felt that she wanted to add more. By careful reinterpretation of the portrait, the use of broad brushstrokes and vivid colors, Nicole conveys her thoughts, feelings and emotion to the canvas to create unusual artwork.
Nicole is just beginning to get recognition in the art world as a gifted and unique artist and her potential is unlimited.

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Earth 2013 Watercolor by Nicole Pereira at Livingston Mall NJ Art Exhibition, April 28, 2013....

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