Artist Statement -

Alain Nicolet was born in 1951. He works on painting since 1977 and had a lot of exhibitions in France Switzerland, USA, etc.

His work is like a long way to understand what painting, life, time or memory could mean.
This painting asks questions, doesn't show final answers and try to find a way to ask more and more, and better......

Exhibitions selection
2010 Biennale Art Contemporain, Nogent-sur-Marne
2008 Galerie de l'Evêché, Vence
2007 Galerie Marlyse Calame, Vence
2006 Galerie Marlyse Calame,Vence
2005 Galerie Marlyse Calame, Valbonne
2005 Intra/Extra Muros, Yverdon-les-Bains
2003 Galerie Marlyse Calame, Vence
2002 Atelier 348 Bruxelles
2002 Galerie J-J. Hofstetter, Fribourg
2002 Galerie Marlyse Calame, Vence
2000 Galerie Terre d'Ombre, Sommières
2001 START Foire d'Art Contemporain, Strasbourg
2001 Arténim,Foire d'Art Contemporain, Nîmes
2000 Galerie Odile Mauve, Paris
2000 Arténim,Foire d'Art Contemporain, Nîmes
1998 Galerie Jonas, Cortaillod
1995 Galerie Espace suisse, Strasbourg
1994 Galerie Nane Cailler, Lausanne
1993 Manoir de la Ville, Martigny
1993 Galerie Européenne, Boston

Alain Nicolet has artsworks in many collections in Europe, USA and Japan.

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