Photograph of Artist NOEL VILLAFUERTE
Competa, Malaga - Spain

I live for the experience of creation

Original Artworks (1)

Noel Villafuerte; Intentions, 2019, Original Painting Acrylic, 81 x 100 cm. Artwork description: 241 aEURoeIntentionsaEUR - Acknowledge the power and focus of positive intentions. Appreciate well- being. ...
Noel Villafuerte
Original Acrylic Painting, 2019
81 x 100 cm (31.9 x 39.4 inches)
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Artist Statement

My hope is that you share my passion and witness a step in my journey. I am optimistic in your willingness to allow your minds to be stretched beyond the limits of what your eyes could see. I believe everything is still possible in your life you discover within yourself the courage to journey to unknown places where you will overcome fear and be open to new luminous moments of joy, hope and faith....

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