Artist Statement -

I take photographs by a traditional 35mm Reflex camera and films.
In my images I catch forever the emotion of a journey named existence.

Almost all my visual projects concern the body, usually my own body.
I use Photography as a tool to observe myself in my intimacy, to "read" among the abstract spaces of my soul....

Photography , in its natural dimension, is a synthesis of a moment tha is gone, not visible anymore. Photography is a memory, but also a piece of life to believe in, a valid instrument to reflect on , following emotional itineraries, giving a perspective to different points of view.

In my pictures I visualize my feelings emerging from my intimacy. Taking pictures becomes an action to free myself , a moment of reflection, depicting what I feel in that proper moment,all those ghosts dancing with me : fear, illusion, melanchony but also tenderness, joy, love.

Nora Lux

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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