Artist Statement -

For Nour Sokhon, art is not just about the embellishment of the world, but about experimenting with the world. Nour's thesis "Gesticulation" reflected her own interest in the crossovers between art and science experiments. Research is a key part of her work, with the usage of challenging materials and physics theories she manages to break through the established rules of creation process and to touch upon what "creating" is really about.

Probably the uniqueness of the Lebanese artist Nour Sokhon is to conceptualize the possible coexistence of the ideal of classical beauty with the anti-classical materials, the combination of the divine with the mundane. Her research on multi-materialistic crossovers lead her to overlap different tangible realities, where everything seems to make sense. Compositions which at first seem "simple" and "logical" immediately reveal limitations that are disruptive in the interpretation of reality.

This is the Sokhon purpose : remove barriers that distort and confuse the perception of reality.

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