Artist Statement -

The universe is art...consciousness is the eye. Bringing consciousness into everything is the art of the universe.

Artist Exhibitions

I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

Artist Publications

Writing about Zane's paintings, David Kellogg has said:

"In Zane we find, swimming in International Zane Blue, St. John the Baptist and Bodhidharma, Hui Neng and Jesus Christ, McDonald's coffee and the deep blue sea. It isn't just a question of mixing categories; it is a matter of completely ignoring them. The book 'Maximum Korea' suggests a difference between post-modernism, which resists marked/unmarked contrasts by deferring meaning indefinitely and denies any centre, and mysticism, which resists the contrast by insisting on a centre which is completely devoid of meaning. The two things are very different. As a Marxist, I find myself unsympathetic to both positions; I take the world as I find it, divided into rich and poor, Korean and not, racist and racially marked, and then think how to change it. But there is no question that Zane does achieve a mystical triumph over markedness."

Also writing on Zane's art, Gerald Lewis has said:

"His paintings complement the spontaneous ying yang,
life of ritual; mythical,iconographic and linguistic.
Dream orientated...sexuality and metaphor. I know that Zane loves the mystery...and it is this cause that loves collide with callous fate and that 'close observation dissolves into surrealism.'"

"...a melody of symbolic language sometimes violent and at times sentimental....The blue of freedom..the whites and darks the random flow and the details..."


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