Artist Statement -

I am often asked: Why do you paint so small (30x40cm/60x80cm) pictures?
And I answer: You can't view the painting from a long distance.
You have to come closer.
This gives you intimacy to the figures.

Many visitors are interested in the amount of existing series and how many works each series contain.
The first remarkable works originate in the middle of 1993.
From this time my joy for experiments created 4 series of paintings and 2 series of objects, which are formal und themetical closed.
The series "Rainbow", for instance, consist of 6 paintings - the series "ZONs" has now over 100 paintings.

Another question I am often asked is:
What do you want to express?
I think the main point is to give a positive feeling to the viewer - to awake
emotions - to make the people dream.

How do you get the idea's to create such strange figures?
This is my secret, of course.
But I must admit - it is a hard work.

How much time do you need to finish a painting?
Oh, I try to paint one picture per month :-)

Others are wondering how many variatins are possible from the
small amount of base forms.

Right. So do I.

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