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«My subject is the space between the real and imaginative, between the concrete and abstract-that metaphysic world where the mind in fact resides. I don’t depict the material site of subject nor exaggerate, I just fix the sense of it, my reflection over, and expect it to work over the receptiveness in a more effective way. The world seems imperfect, its beauty comes out of ourselves. There is no true but belief, no perfection but longing for. I’m not in business of treating the world aspects or adding beauty to: I build structures founded on its own principles, I like to disorder system and regularize the chaos. Weaving a sophisticated thread compensates for an immobile image and help to overcome plainness of canvas....»
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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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Rosemary Lane, Delaware, USA
Sarah Crawley, Cardigan, UK
Trinity Hall, Troitsk, RF...

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