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A resident of Western North Carolina for 34 years, I paint portraits and North Carolina landscapes. My oil portraits start at 900. . This website is currently not receiving messages. Please contact me directly at

Artist Exhibitions

my panoramic landscape painting,
THE VIEW THAT MADE ASHEVILLE FAMOUS, is now permanently installed in Pack Memorial Library, here in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.
It is ten feet nine inches wide - and can be glimpsed from the sidewalk.


Artist Publications

[ Connie Bostic, April 18, 2007, Mountain Xpress, Asheville, North Carolina ]:
Ron Ogle is an artist and an environmentalist who has long expressed his love for our area and his concern for the earth. For years, he stapled and pasted environmental information around town. He created a huge collage about deforestation, overdevelopement, multinational corporations, television, vegetarianism, and climate change on a wooden fence on Biltmore Avenue. This work, funded by THE DOGWOOD ALLIANCE, he named "deFence of Mother Earth". Anyone could find a bit of inspiration on that fence, and most folks guessed that it was the work of some local environmental organization, and never knew that it had been created by just one man. It measured 8 feet by 20 feet. He spent years on it. Did you see it ?
In the Greenlife Grocery cafe, Ogle is exhibiting paintings of the mountain vistas he has tried to protect. On his eleven foot wide triptych, THE VIEW THAT MADE ASHEVILLE FAMOUS, every ridge is accurate, and every valley and cove is exact. His paintings maintain a lively freshness. His concern is genuine.

[ Susan Faber, Montford Arts Center ]

This is just one of Ron Ogle's terrific photographs of local scenes. His finds interesting angles and creative compositions for his works. His paintings are equally captivating. He paints in 16 different styles. His best known works are perhaps his amazingly realistic portraits.


Preparation: Because each Ogle portrait is destined to become a precious heirloom, cherished for generations to come, Ogle approaches each portrait as a unique creative adventure. He works from a combination of life sittings and photographic studies [ which he takes himself whenever possible ]. It is very important that the initial concept of the painting be developed as a collaboration. He encourages his clients to visualize the mood and setting of the portrait, it's composition, what the subject will be wearing, the background, personal objects, where the painting will hang and other conceptual elements. The more input at this stage the better. At the photo session he gives his sitters a crash course in modeling and helps them feel very relaxed and present.

Ogle believes an excellent portrait should tell the story of the sitter by the way they stand, the angle of their gaze, setting, lighting, expression... He combines elements from his photographic studies with the intuitive impressions of the sitter, revealing their unique personality. Each stroke of paint is an artistic choice, imbued with the warmth and humanity of an exceptional artist. An Ogle portrait goes far beyond the limits of photography; each canvas stands alone as a rich, compelling work of art.

Ron Ogle excepts only a few commissions per year.

[ Amy D. Mozingo ]
it all comes back to beauty which brings us to joy which opens our hearts which makes us more aware of the beauty around us which increases our joy which.......thanks for your wild strange eye which brings the beauty into sharper focus...

Artist Collections

Oil portrait of Al Pacino as Serpico,
collection of Al Pacino's oldest sister,
Santa Cruz, California.
Oil Landscape of Mt. Pisgah, collection of Laurie Anderson,
[ that PERFORMANCE ARTIST ] whom I knew in high school.


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