Artist Statement -

My name is Steve Robinson and have been a photographer in one way or another since college. During that lifetime, I have traveled the world with my camera, photographing and sharing with people who will never have the good fortune to see the wonderful places I have had the good fortune to see.

Along the way, my photographers eye changed. My images quieted, and I began to see the world through a very different lens. I no longer sought out the ordinary places the tourists seemed to go, and I began to find the quiet corners of the world where ordinary people lived out their lives. My images are not so much about the people themselves, but more about the places they call home, or about the places near and dear to the heart.

In the past, I have visited places like the Galapagos, the deserts of the American Southwest, the wilds of Bolivia, Ecuador, Ireland, Scotland, the timeless tracts of Turkey, and the quiet corners of Italy. I have done all this, and still more.

Each of my images is its own story, a poem of color and shape, an expression of soul, a blending of place, seeing, and thrill of heart.

I made these images for you.

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