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As an artist I produce concepts, associations and links related to the new informalism, conceptualism and experimental art. Social analysis and criticism, current cultural and local elements, symbols and chronicles, makes abstraction even more abstract. Most of my work represents my reaction to the chaos in which we find ourselves, both global and personal, from the view point of a Colombian, from a society where this has been an everyday reality over many years, but who has the perspective of having lived, studied and worked in North America and the Far East. As such, my art resonates, graphically and emotionally, with recent events Bataclan,Paris-Orlando,Florida which have brought this reality home to us. Most of my work questions the actuality of the world we live in, and are forced to accept, with its chaos, violence, corruption power-structures, power-seeking, wars, extremes of wealth and poverty, famines and excessive consumption, egocentricity and generosity, hatreds and loves, and its prejudices and openness it also questions what the future has store for us, if any future there be. Paintings, sculptures, photography, installations and assemblages show a close relationship with my personal, architectural and urban experience. I use industrial paint, raw canvases, plexiglas, aluminium sheet, wood, paper and other materials applying texture, wrinkles and perforations, My artwork is very physical my purpose as an artist is making consciences and hearts react. I personalize my kind of grunge or raw style of work with a conceptual emphasis on social and spiritual opposites seeking through the language of transparency. I have worked in art, architecture and graphic design in the U.S.,Canada, China and my native Colombia. Presently I work in Bogota and travel to London frequently. Less

-Royal College of Art. Post Experience Programme. Sculpture Department. London, England, U.K. 2011
-Southern California Institute of Architecture - Sci-Arc. M.Arch 1989.
Los Angeles,California,1986-1989
-British Columbia Institute of Technology - B.C.I.T. Curses Construction Code and Advanced Autocad
Vancouver,B,C. Canada,1994
-Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos - S.C.A. Deconstructivism Seminar.
-Santa Monica College - S.M.C. Curse Turbo Pascal Programming
Santa Monica,California,1987
-Architectural Microsystems Ltd. CursesArchitectural software Architrion and Datacad.
-University of California at Los Angeles - U.C.L.A. Curse -Shape Grammar.
Los Angeles,California,1987
-University of California at Berkeley - U.C.B. Cursos -Colour theory in outdoor and indoor spaces.-Landscape and composition.
-Master Francisco Perea Sabogal studio. Painting, Drawing and oil techniques, watercolour,Chacoal pencil,ink and pencil.
-Master Luis Angel Rengifo studio. Painting, Drawing and oil techniques, watercolour,Chacoal pencil,ink and pencil.
-Javeriana University. Bachelor in Architecture.
-Colegio San Bartolomé La Merced. Secundary and Primary school.Bogota,1977

Artist Exhibitions

-Saatchi Gallery. Screen project exhibition - Work Liberté et espoir, London, England, U.K. 2016.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exhibition – Diversidad 2015.Bogota-Zurich.2016-2015.
-ArtMedellin. Work Re-despertar paintings. Medellin, 2015.
-Art Medellín. Work Vanity Faresculpture. Medellín,2014.
-ZQD Galeria. Exhibitionss – Oscilaciones Trayectorias. Bogotá,2013.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exhibition – Diversidad 2010.Bogota-Zurich.2011-2010.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exhibitionn – Diversidad 2008. Artist selected to exhibit in Gallery B-146, Zurich, Switzerland. Bogota,2009.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exhibition – PopCorn. Bogota-Zurich,2008.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exhibiton – El Totazo. Bogota-Zurich,2008.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exhibition – Diversidad 2007. Bogota-Zurich,2007.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exposición – PopCorn. Bogota-Zurich,2007.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exhibition – El Totazo. Bogota-Zurich,2007.
-Light Contemporary Gallery - Dulwich Art Fair. London,England,2006.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exhibition – El Totazo. Bogota-Zurich,2006.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exhibition – Diversidad 2005. Bogota-Zurich,2005.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Exhibition – Serie Abstracción. Bogota-Zurich,2005.
-Galerie Gora. Solo Exhibition. Work Connection Field 21 paintings. Montreal,Canada,2004.
-Galeria Casa Cuadrada. Group Exhibition Work Los Iluminados 10 Paintings.Bogota,2004.
-SIAC Art Competition. New York,U.S.,2003.
-Dunsborough Art Fair. Private Exhibition. London,England,2003-2002.
-Canning House Gallery. Solo Exhibition. 21 Paintings-London,England,2001.
-Private Exhibitions to the British and American expats community in Bogotá. 1996 - 2000. ...

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