Artist Statement -

My work has always been grounded in issues from living the day to day. I see the visual world as a mirror of human priorities and in much of my work I use digital images from self taken photographs as a starting point.
My work is process intense and is meant to initiate an examination of the inherent responsibility that goes with living.
My work explores many different issues. Among which are: the use of technology to generate the work, the ability of art to quietly evoke visual memories, the juxtaposition of the uncontrolled and the controlled in living, the blurring of the boundaries between the serious and the trite, the questionable truth of the photo image.

Artist Exhibitions

MFA Painting and Drawing, New Jersey City University, NJ 1996
MA Fine Arts Education, Kean College, Union, NJ 1995
BA Studio Arts, Monmouth College, West Long Branch, NJ 1971

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Professor of ArtCoordinator of Fine Arts,
Holy Family University, Philadelphia 1999-present

Presentation Considering Harm The Exhibit, 1013 Holy Family University, PA
Selected Participant- College Art Association, 207, NYC.
Paper Going Beyond the Studio WallsA Liberal Arts Partnership
Selected Participant-International Symposium on the Arts and Society 207, NYC
Paper The Making of an Artist Building On Past Practices While Looking to the Future.
Published in The International Journal of the Arts in Society
Selected Participant- Holy Family University Scholarship Conference 2010
Paper Uncovering the Process
Work Included In Best of America Mixed Media, Kennedy Publishing, 2007

2006 Puffin Foundation Grant -Project Road Shrines A Peripheral Blur

Three Green Rocks, Distributed- Printed Matter, NY, NY
duel duty, T 3, Distributed Printed Matter, NY, NY

2020 Three Women group exhibit, The National Association of Women Artists, NYC.
2020 AbstractionsMetaphors five artists, DACIA Gallery, NYC.
2019 A Something in a Summer’s Day, Group Exhibit Pleiades Gallery, NYC
2019 State of the Arts 2019, Group Member Exhibit, Studio Montclair Gallery, NJ
2019 Bud Studies, Windows at Studio Montclair, NJ
2019 Balance, one person exhibit, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2018 Floral Entities, one person exhibit, Up Stairs Gallery, Ridgefield Guild of Artists, CT
2018 Shelter, Group Exhibit, Da Vinci Art Alliance Philadelphia Sculptors, Philadelphia, PA
2018 Lazy Susan Gallery, NYC group exhibit NYC Phoenix Art Collective
2018 One person exhibit Basil Yoga Gallery, Ridgefield, CT
2018 Dirty Little TRUMP Group Show, IMPeRFeCT Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2017 Out of Context, one person exhibit, Arts Center East, Vernon, CT
2017 Considering Harm, one person exhibit, Hudson Pride, Jersey City, NJ
2017 Gritty in Pink Group Exhibit, Bailey Contemporary Art, Pompano Beach, FL
2017 Bud Studies, one person exhibit, Tiny Gallery, Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT
2016 Considering Harm, one person exhibit , ArtWorks Trenton, NJ
2016 Considering Harm, one person exhibit , Kelli Copeland Lofts, Orange, NJ
2016 Impending After, one person exhibit , Phoenix Gallery, NYC
2015 Considering Harm, one person exhibit , Convergence Gallery, Alexandria, VA
2015 Voices An Artists Perspective, online gallery httpissuu.comkarengutfreunddocsvoices_catalog_for_issuu
2014 Forget-Me-Not, one person exhibit, Phoenix Gallery, NYC
2014 Best of 2014 WCA National, ARC Gallery, Chicago
2014 Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge, NYC
2013 Considering HarmMaryland, one person exhibit , The Delaplaine Visual Arts, MD
2013 Small Shrines, Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Sewickley, PA
2013 Violence, SPP Galleries, Conshohocken, PA
2013 Invitational, Monmouth University, NJ
2013 Considering Harm, one person exhibit , A Seed on Diamond Gallery, Philadelphia
2013 Demarcation, one person exhibit, Jed Williams Studio, Philadelphia
2012 Theres No Racism in America, The Imperfect Gallery, Philadelphia
2012 Woman + Body Exhibition, Kepco Plaza Gallery Museum in Seoul,
South Korea, Gwangju Cultural Foundation’s MediaCube Gwangju, South Korea,
2012 Considering Harm, one person exhibit, Phoenix Gallery, NYC
2012 Gender Issues, International House, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
2012 Making HerStory, Center for Green Urbanism, Washington DC
2012 In Liquid Benefit V.12, Philadelphia, PA
2011 Stretching the Medium, Arizona State University School of Art
2011 Impact, Swing Space Gallery, Ohio State University
2011 Women and Water, International House, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
2011 Demarcation, one person exhibit , Phoenix Gallery, NYC
2010 SEPCHE Group Faculty Exhibition, Chestnut Hill College, PA
2010 Road Shrines A Peripheral Blur, one person exhibit, East Gallery, William Paterson University, NJ
2010 Wall to Wall, City Without Walls, Newark, NJ
2010 The Lens Based Image, Desotorow Gallery, Savannah, GA
2010 Quintet, Phoenix Gallery, NYC
2010 Women, International House, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
2009 Four Cultural Stories, Pierro Gallery of South Orange, NJ
2009 SEPCHE Group Exhibition, Rosemont University, PA
2009 Projection Show, Artist Unite, NYC
2009, 2010 Wish You Were Here, AIR Gallery, NYC
2009 Road Shrines A Peripheral Blur, one person exhibit, Phoenix Gallery, NYC
2009 A.C.E., Program for the Homeless Auction, NYC
2009 Ponderings, one person exhibition, Plastic Club, Philadelphia
2009 Freedom, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY best 2-d in show award
2009, 2010, 2011 Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge, James Cohan Gallery, NYC
2008 Think Tank, Eagle Art Gallery, Murray State University, KY
2008 Road Shrines A Peripheral Blur, one person exhibit, Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ
2008 Artists Unite Live, Our Saviors Atonements Cornerstone Center, NYC
2008 Environmental Distress, Louis Redding City Building, Wilmington, DE
2008 Space Place Life, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY
2008 Generations VI, Invitational, A.I.R.Gallery, NYC
2008 Making Marks, Brookdale Community College, NJ
2009, 08, 07, 06, 05 Invitational Small Works, New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA
2007 Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge, James Cohan Gallery, NYC
2007 Ponderings, one person exhibition, Monmouth University, NJ
2007 Ponderings, one person exhibition, Phoenix Gallery, NYC
2006 Continuing contributor to Artist UniteNow Hear This,
2006 Dada Domestique, Cazenovia College, NY
2006 Generations 5, AIR Gallery
2006 The Space In Between, Bruce Gallery, one person exhibition, Endinboro University, PA
2005 My America, Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ
2005 Making History Then and Now, WCA Members, Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, 2005 Self-Portraits Inside and Out, Ayer Lofts Gallery, Lowell, MA
2005 Testifyin’ 2005, Rosenthal Gallery, Fayetteville State U, NC
2004 The Space In Between, one person exhibition, Phoenix Gallery, NYC
2004 Multeity, WCA Group Exhibit , Zonk Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2004 Salon de Expace 2, About Glamour, Brooklyn, NY
2004 Dream WCA Group Exhibit, B Square Gallery, Philadelphia. PA
2004 Invitational Small Works, New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA
2004 Masquerade, Mills Pond House Gallery, St. James, NY
2003 Douglas Dibble Memorial Art Auction, Hunter College, NY, NY
2003 Backroads and Boulevards International, The Printmaking Council of NJ, touring
2003 Documenting Women’s Lives, WCA-DC, touring exhibition
2003 TechArt, South Shore Art Center, MA
2003 The Photographic Process V International, Period Gallery,
2003 Spring Forward, Fall Back, Gallery Mia Tyson, Wilmington, NC
2003 5”x5”x5”, Ladyfest, Philadelphia, PA

Ceres Gallery, NYC
NYC Phoenix Art Collective
Philadelphia Chapter –Women’s Caucus For Art
College Art Association
International Sculpture Center
Ridgefield Guild of Artists, CT
Studio Montclair, NJ

Artist Publications

The Space Between
Tova Beck-Friedman

Perceive not the object
but the distance
between them not the sounds
but the pauses
they leave unfilled

Takahiko Limura, from, "MA: Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji"

The space between is a magical space. The Japanese refer to it as Ma, a concept, strongly rooted in their living patterns and in the arts. It is the space between that enables perception to occur. Ma is the place in which a life is lived, where the process of movement from one place to another is organized. Ma is the sign of the ephemeral -- it is an empty place where all kinds of phenomena appear, exist and disappear. Ma is the way to sense the moment of movement.

In her latest exhibition at the Phoenix gallery, Pamela Flynn shows a series of small, meticulously executed mixed media works on paper entitled “Can the Road Kill?” In this series Flynn replicates an image of an animal that has been hit and killed on the road. At the center of each of pieces is a snapshot of a dead animal printed, cut, stitched and painted onto white paper. The dichotomy between the meticulously executed, pristine pieces and their gruesome protagonist is unsettling. Conceptually the focus of the roadkill is not the dead animal, but a metaphor through which the artist explores the ephemeral phenomenon of the space in between, the space and time between engagement and comprehension, between event and consequence.

In Caught In The Loop 1, a small rectangular digital print of a dead animal embellished with encaustics is stitched on to a white paper. Flynn’s white paper does not serve as a background. It acts as a space from which one can glean clues – a stitched line above and a sewn up twig loop below. In Pledge Of Allegiance, a victimized animal is draped in a three-colored cloth reminiscent of the American flag. The rectangular space closing in on the animal consists of a cluster of pincushion heads with two rows of holes punctured into the white paper above. Caught In The Headlights depicts an animal, perhaps a deer, lying on a gray and black wave of pincushions.

Employing labor-intense mixed media, Flynn’s work relies heavily on process art. But unlike process art, where the exploration of process is the central aim of the work, Flynn’s process calls attention to conceptual issues of action and reaction. It is the twilight zone of comprehension -- the space between the act and its realization, between reality and perception.

Good Things in Small Packages

By: Susan Van Dongen , TimeOFF 09/24/2003

Bordentown's Firehouse Gallery hosts an exhibit of miniatures.

In an era when the cultural preference seems to be for huge homes, vehicles and food servings, tiny things may be difficult to notice. That's why Eric Gibbons says it's been somewhat risky to present an exhibit of miniatures at his Firehouse Gallery in Bordentown.
"When people see such small works of art they're often taken aback," Mr. Gibbons says.
Someone must still believe the old saying "good things come in small
packages," though, because this is the third year the Firehouse Gallery has hosted such a show. Mr. Gibbons says sales of these diminutive works of art are quite brisk. Perhaps it's because the small size draws you in for a closer look and viewing the art becomes an intimate experience.
This year, the exhibition of more than 250 miniature paintings, drawings and pieces of sculpture runs from Oct. 3 to Dec. 23, with a semiformal opening reception Oct. 3. The public also can see the extensive renovations Mr. Gibbons has made to the gallery at an informal open house Oct. 4…………………..
……………………….. Pamela Flynn of Freehold approached the invitation to create miniature works of art from a completely different direction. Her ceramic "bud studies" — which, indeed, resemble exquisite little flower buds — were originally crafted as part of the set to a performance-art piece.
"They started as form studies and then they were part of a performance piece that has to do with being bound to physical reality," Ms. Flynn says. "They were, essentially, accessories on the wall. People started to tell me how much they liked them, especially because they're very pretty and touchable. So I started to exhibit them by themselves. I'll only be showing the smallest ones (at the Firehouse) but they range in size from very large to tiny.
"A couple of years ago at an installation at Space 126 Gallery in Baltimore, they all hung on the wall in a straight line," she continues. "I've also shown (my buds) at Gallery Mia Tyson on Wilmington, N.C., and, just last winter, at the Phoenix Gallery in New York. So they've been shown together and separately."
This is the first time Ms. Flynn has exhibited her work at the Firehouse Gallery. "Since (the buds) are very, very tiny, I thought it might be an interesting venue for them," she says.
Ms. Flynn's buds are an intriguing concept, since they're sculptural but with elements of painting to them as well. She uses a tiny brush and oils to paint on the ceramic surfaces. She's also created the buds to hang on the wall.
"It's kind of different and nice, because you don't have to stand them on a table," she says. "I enjoy making them. It was a very creative, spontaneous, free-form process. What I'm working on now is totally different — much more deliberate."
She's referring to her ongoing project, Can the Road Kill?, which Ms. Flynn will be exhibiting in spring 2004 at the Phoenix Gallery. The multimedia pieces start with snapshots the artist took of deer killed along the roadways. She digitally manipulates the photos, prints them, cuts them out, stitches them onto paper and decorates them.
"The format is always a controlled, repeated rectangle," Ms. Flynn writes in her artist's statement. "The work explores many different issues, including the use of technology to generate the work — from the killing to the printing."
Ms. Flynn has a bachelor's degree from Monmouth University, a master's in fine art education from Kean University and a master's of fine arts from New Jersey City University. She's an associate professor of art at Holy Family University in Philadelphia and has been an adjunct instructor at Bergen Community College, Brookdale Community College and Ocean County College. She is a member of the Philadelphia chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art and has been showing her work nationally since 1983.
Her goal with all of her artwork is "to bring form to the unseen."
"It's all about the process of living," Ms. Flynn says. "Artists just take things in and give it back out again individually."

Paintings by Jane Lawrence, Patricia Hornbrook Becker and sculpture by Pamela Flynn are part of the Third Annual Miniature Exhibition at the Firehouse Gallery, 8 Walnut St., Bordentown, Oct. 3-Dec. 23. Opening reception: Oct. 3, 7-9 p.m; RSVP by Oct. 1. Open house: Oct. 4, noon-4 p.m. For information and gallery hours, call (609) 298-3742. On the Web: Pamela Flynn on the Web:

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