Artist Statement -

Artist’s Statement

My interest in painting began in the early 1970’s when I discovered an aptitude for drawing and painting. A short course in oil painting at a local hobby store was the catalyst and I began reading and studying techniques, experimenting with various mediums and creating artwork on my own.

I moved from using oils to water based paints in the 80’s and still find the most satisfaction in the challenge of these mediums and have most recently worked mostly in acrylics.

In prior years my paintings were more realistic. I worked very hard to paint exactly what I saw…mostly from photos of flowers, landscapes, etc., and these works were very well accepted and appreciated, elevating me from being merely a painter to (in the eyes of the viewer) an “artist.”

Prior to moving to Texas in 2005 I lived in the San Francisco Bay area where I exhibited and sold my paintings primarily through local galleries. I have also created paintings on commission for a number of private parties.

More recently I have moved into another phase of my artistic development and am experimenting with more abstract, non-objective works and am enjoying the freedom of expression this genre provides. I rearrange, transpose, add and subtract artistic elements to produce images that are unique and fresh. It’s all about line, shape, color, texture, darks and lights. I’m having great fun working more in abstraction which allows me great freedom of expression and allows the viewer to freely interpret. Each new painting is a surprise and is often the result of many “happy accidents.” These abstracts, as they evolve, sometimes from little more than a few “blobs” of color actually become representations of something or someplace very real to me, but not necessarily seen by the casual viewer. I combine techniques and materials to produce an abstract image, the result of which is a work of art that is textured, painted, stained, glazed and sometimes re-painted. I plan to work in both realism and abstraction… as the spirit moves me!

This, then, is my art…

Pamela VanLaanen


Artist Exhibitions


Shepard Gallery - Danville, CA 1995-2005

Aurora Images Art Gallery - Allen, TX 2006-2007

2nd Annual CAVA Fall Juried Art Competition - Allen, TX 2006
2nd Place Art Mediums

3rd Annual CAVA Fall Juried Art Competition - Allen, TX 2007

Coffee n' Cream - McKinney, TX (Merchant/Partner exhibit) 2007

Tulipa Florist and Gifts - Allen, TX 2007-2008

"Panache 2008" Art Exhibit - Allen, TX -Fall 2008

Watters Creek Arts Festival in Allen, Texas
May 8th-10th 2009

Solo exhibition opening October 23, 2009 at the Blue House Gallery at 102 S. Allen Drive Allen, TX. Exhibition to run through November 30, 2009. Opening reception with the artist October 23 from 7:00 PM-9:00PM.

"Remember When"... the 2009 Art Exhibit and Sale sponsored by Aurora Images Art Studio and the Allen Heritage Guild. Allen Heritage Museum at 100 E. Main St. Allen,TX 75013 November 2nd through December 18th, 2009.

"ECHO" Group show
August 14 - September 8, 2010
Laura Moore Fine Art Studios
107 S. Tennessee St.
McKinney, TX 75069

Katheryn Heard-Craig Juried Exhibition and Sale
March 11 - 13, 2011
Heard-Craig Hall
306 N. Church St.
McKinney, TX 75068

Blue House, Too Gallery
Garden Creek Dr at Watters Creek
Allen, TX

Peoples' Choice Art Exhibit
Allen Heritage Guild
November 4-26 2011

Peoples' Choice Art Exhibit
Allen Heritage Guild
Allen, TX
November 5-11, 2012

RED Exhibition
the gallery 8680
Frisco, TX
February 2012

Plano Art Assoc. Multicultural Art Show

48th Annual Collin County Adult Art Show
Heard-Craig Hall
Mckinney, TX
April 20-22 2012

49th Annual Collin County Adult Art Show
Heard-Craig Hall
Mckinney, TX
April 5-7 2013

Unique by Nature Juried Art Competition
Arts and Music Guild
McKinney, TX
May 4-22 2013

Plano Art Association Gallery
Grand Opening - August juried exhibit
August 17 - September 6, 2013


Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Dr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Kirk, San Mateo, California, USA
Mrs. Joan McLean, Fairview, Texas, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steinberg, Dallas, Texas, USA
Ms. Sheila Emery, Allen, Texas, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Giardina, Allen, Texas, USA
Mr. Van Allen Bradley, Lakewood, Colorado,USA
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Longo, Allen, Texas, USA
Ms. Mary Gantz, Dallas, Texas, USA
Ms. Cathi Scodellar, Dallas, Texas,USA
Mr. Wayne Ingbritson, Oakland, California, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Parker Wachter, Reno, Nevada, USA
Ms. Shirley Buxkemper, Danville, California, USA
Mr. Dale Fischer, Allen, Texas, USA
Mr. Ronald J. Stewart, Boulder, Colorado USA
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Olinger, Allen, TX USA
Mr and Mrs. Joseph A. White, Allen, TX USA
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Satterwhite, Plano, TX USA
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zagotta, Allen, TX USA
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Spaans, Allen, TX USA
Ms. Lisa Moore, Allen, TX USA
Ms. Pamela Crosby, Allen, TX USA
Mr and Mrs. Michael Kelleher, Danville,CA USA
Ms. Linda Lewis, Three Rivers, CA USA
Mr. Darold Brooks, Marietta, GA USA...

Artist Favorites

Personal Favorites

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http://Prolific, imaginative and extremely creative and talented local Dallas area artist and former fellow exhibitor at the gallery in Allen. You'll LOVE his work. I definitely do! Marty Ruiz
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